Friday, December 29, 2006

Chic Party Attire for MEN

Since She She Me is a women's fashion site, we sometimes forget that the men in our lives are wondering how to dress stylishly too!

Chic party attire for men would generally mean a suit, button down shirt and tie. I am assuming this is an evening event, which always calls for a suit. If the event is a little less formal, your guy could get away with a silk or lightweight cashmere sweater with the suit. Complete the look with trendier lace-up shoes (no slip ons or boots).

Less formal events would call for a blazer and khaki's or sportier trousers, with a nice dress shirt or turtleneck that isn't bulky under the blazer. Loafers or dress shoes to finish.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Chic Party Attire Defined

Hi She She, I received a party invitation and it was requested that we wear "chic attire". How, exactly, would you define that?

Dearest girl, chic attire is, of course, very chic. (Think satin and velvet, not gabardine and denim.) Chic party attire, therefore, would be a seriously festive party dress. This is the opportunity to break out that once in a lifetime gorgeous beyond belief girly girl party dress. No LBD's here please! I would go for something with a full skirt and flattering bodice; nothing too in your face sexpot, just demurely alluring. Another good choice would be a gown with a more flowing line; chiffon or silk, but again not too much skin. If you choose a halter style, remember that the bare back will be sexy enough, so make sure the halter is not too deep or too bare. Same goes with strapless; keep the cleavage under control. Remember that a suggestion of skin is much more sexy than nearly nekkid!

Perhaps you are not the party dress type? No matter, dearest girl, one of the hottest looks this year is the tuxedo! Go for a gorgous satin or brocade, paired with a seriously feminine blouse and hotter than hot skyscrapers and you are good to go! Party on!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Très Chic Tourist

Hello She She Me! I'm off for a weekend in London. And I'm super excited. But I have NO IDEA what to bring without packing my entire closet. We will be seeing two West End shows, a few museums and tons of shopping. Most importantly, I DON'T want to look like a tourist. Can you help??

Can I come too? I adore London! For the trekking to and fro, museums and shopping I have one word for you: FLATS! Save yourself the trauma of blisters and sore feet by investing in a couple of pair of very chic flats for everyday wear. NOT tennis shoes, nothing screams tourist like tennies! Opt for a pair of ballerinas in a sleek leather, and a more casual pair of skimmers. They can be paired with a variety of trousers, jeans or skirts for daytime wear.

Travel packing need not be as traumatic as one tends to imagine, especially if it is just for a long weekend. Keep it simple by keeping it neutral for basics: a pair of jeans (perhaps two), a pair of dress trousers, and a knee length skirt. A great LBD will give you a reason to go to a fab restaurant! A dressy blazer for the theatre (paired with either the dress trousers or the skirt) and a casual jacket for daytime. A cashmere sweater to wear with jeans or trousers, a dressier blouse for evening and a casual top for sightseeing.

Don't forget a chic yet roomy tote for carrying the day's shopping, and a dressier clutch or mini for evening. When I travel, I tend to leave the accessories at home, that way I have a legitimate reason to pick up gorgeous earrings, bracelets, necklaces and scarves as souvenirs of my trip!

How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist: NO tennis shoes, NO fanny packs, NO sweatshirts, NO track suits, NO giant tote bags. Now go make us proud!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What to Wear With Ankle Boots

Hello!! I was wondering what will best match with ankle boots? I recently got a pair of black ankle boots with a 2 inch neel. I'm not a short girl, and I was wondering what will look good with the ankle boot?

Phoebe Dearest Phoebe, you are right on trend with ankle boots, and they are much more versatile than you might first imagine! I, myself, am a serious ankle boot devotee. One of the season's hottest looks is a knee length skirt, opaque tights or leggings and ankle boots. Add a belted jacket or a wrap sweater and you are good to go! Ankle boots also look great with skinny jeans, because the hem of the jean can tuck right down inside the boot. Same with bootleg jeans or skinny dress trousers. Ankle boots also look fabulous with cropped trousers or even wide legged trousers. Another great option is a longer skirt, but not too long. Keep the hem at least three inches above the top of the boot, otherwise the skirt tends to get snagged on the boot top. Looks to stay away from with ankle boots: short skirts, bare legs, dressy dresses and socks that are visible above the top of the boot.

Stylin' in D.C.

Oh She She! I am in desperate need of your guidance. Next month I am moving to Washington DC for my dream job. My problem is two fold: 1. I need to find a briefcase/tote that will hold files, my purse and (the horror!) a pair of leggings to keep my legs warm during my commute. I am totally unwilling to sacrifice my office skirts for comfort this early in my career. 2) I have just realized that my work wardrobe is much too neutral and I would like to spice it up a little bit with some colorful shoes and accessories that are both age and office appropriate. (Should 22 year olds wear silk scarves?) I want to stand out without channeling Elle Woods. Please Help. Thanks a Million! Desperate to Wow DC

Darling girl, you have enough to worry about with starting a new job, let's get this little dilemma under control so you can concentrate on the truly important stuff. (Like finding out where the really cute boys hang out after work.) Problem number 1: chic and stylish tote/briefcase. Not a problem. There are so many great choices today that you no longer have to look like you stole your boyfriend's manly-man briefcase. I'd opt for one with a platform bottom, especially a footed platform to protect the leather. I have this gorgeous little number. Plenty of room inside for files, phone, PDA, and girly necessities. Plus it has the added benefit of a detachable shoulder strap.

Next, how to add a little pizazz to an otherwise vanilla wardrobe. Note above briefcase, in cherry red! Très chic and rates highly on the spice factor. Same goes for shoes. In D.C. you will most likely be wearing suits, right? With a neutral suit you can pair a blouse and shoes from coordinating colors in the spectrum. Here's a nifty little tool that can help you determine which colors work well together. For instance, pair a seafoam or teal blouse with a tan suit, then choose shoes in a deep shade of orange and a handbag in warm russet. Just keep the basic color tones the same. Cools with cools, warms with warms.

Also, yes dear girl, 22-year-olds can most certainly wear silk scarves! And they are so very versatile. Tie one around the handle of your handbag or work tote. Use one to cinch the waist of a jacket or blazer. Loop a colorful scarf around a low ponytail for instant chic (when you sleep in and don't have time to wash your hair!) Experiment with your style and find what feels right to you. One piece of advice: dress for the job you aspire to!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Age Appropriate Style

Help! I just turned 54 and do not know how to pull together an age appropriate style. I have been told by numerous people that I look 30 something and wish to retain that look. Any suggestions?? Thank you, Gale

You are the luckiest of lucky ladies Gale! Thanks your fabulous genes and make the most of your gorgeousness! One suggestion, if you don't subscribe to More, the magazine for women over 40, do is immediately! Fabulous articles and great style suggestions for staying chic through the onslaught of birthdays that come faster and faster each year.

A few suggestions, don't dress too trendy; leave the low rise trousers and sheer blouses on the rack. Instead, aim for sophisticated and chic. An updated version of the classic blazer paired with straight leg jeans or trousers. Or perhaps a wrap front cashmere sweater and knee length skirt paired with boots. Go for classic styles. Structured and semi structured jackets and blazers. Trousers in a straight or wide leg style and straight leg jeans in a mid rise are your best choice; they are classic, flattering and timeless. Chic and sophisticated dresses; take a pass on flounces and frou-frou.

When you are classic and timeless in your basic attire, you can then be a bit more bold in the accessory department. Make a statement with a chunky bracelet, a colorful scarf or a unique necklace. Cinch the waist of your blazer with a leather belt. Invest in a great pair of boots because they will add a touch of class to trousers, suits, and skirts. The most important thing is to show your confidence and enjoy your style and always remember: you're as young as you feel!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Business Formal Defined

Hi She She, I am soon attending a benefit for a large charitable foundation with my boss and another co-worker. The invitation says attire is “business formal.” This event is very upscale but not quite black tie, and the temps will most likely be in the lower teens, as I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am originally from the south (Tennessee) and am scared of freezing if I choose something sleeveless. Part of the event will be an indoor/outdoor tour of the mansion and grounds on which the event is held. Any suggestions for what to wear to such an occasion? All the Best, Indy Girl

Take your clues from the invitation. "Business formal" is not the same as semi formal. Business formal means nothing that would be inappropriate in a business setting. No plunging necklines, no halter styles or backless styles, no sleeveless, strapless or spaghetti strap gowns. If they wanted you to wear cocktail gowns, the invitation would have specified "semi-formal". Therefore, based on the invitation, you should wear a businesslike version of semi-formal fashion. I would suggest a feminine suit, or perhaps a velvet blazer paired with a dressier skirt. You can bump up the glam quotient of your blouse with something in a satin, silk or taffeta. Wear sheer hose and stay away from strappy sandals or heels that are too high. A sleek leather pump or even a slingback would work well. Keep the jewelry simple and chic, nothing with too much bling. Since the evening includes an outdoor tour, you should wear a warm dressy coat. Complete the ensemble with a pair of great leather gloves and a warm cashmere scarf.

Hostess Gifts

I will be attending mucho holiday parties thrown by many of my work colleagues. When is it appropriate to bring a hostess gift, and what do you suggest. Most of these parties are like wine and cheese, or a small gift exchange. I don’t want to show up empty handed if I should be bringing a gift. Please help!! Amanda

Dearest very popular girl,

While never obligatory, I feel that any time you are invited into someone's home for a party, dinner or any type of festive gathering it is appropriate to bring a hostess gift. It doesn't have to be expensive or spectacular (that would cause embarrassment to your host) but should convey your appreciation for being included.

If you choose to go the flower route, they should either be sent a day in advance (so the hostess can find a vase and display them or use them as a centerpiece) or the day after the party (everyone loves to see the florist's van!) Also, think elegant and excellent; it is better to give a small box of exotic chocolates than a ten pound box of drugstore candy. A beautiful candle, lovely picture frame or crystal candy dish also make great hostess gifts. Anything handmade, such as a jar of homemade preserves, a festive bag of spiced nuts or a hand painted ceramic plate always rate highly with your hosts and let them know that you were thinking of them and how special they are.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Legally Chic

I’m a law student and, over Christmas break, I will be attending my first round of law firm receptions (precursors to interviews and summer jobs). Law firms are notoriously conservative so there’s no way around wearing a suit but that doesn’t mean that I want to show up in a boxy manly ensemble! Can you recommend a brand of suit that has a feminine shape, is available in a petite size, and is youthful looking? Thank you! Jenny

Jenny darling, you are already one step ahead of your legal counterparts because you are thinking ahead. A stylish girl is a confident girl, and a confident girl is a girl who gets the best internships and job offers; ergo, an investment in stylish professional attire is an investment in your future. Try Ann Taylor for a great selection of professional suits with a feminine flair. This great tweed suit with contrasting trim has classic styling with just a little edge.

Another great way to soften the look of a suit is to cinch the waist with a belt or scarf . A leather belt can bump up a classic look, while a colorful scarf adds feminity. Either will allow you to put your own stamp on your style.

You can also put together a great look from stylish separates. Take a pass on the menswear styled blazers. Choose one with a foldover lapel , rounded neckline or even no lapel to move the focus to a more feminine realm. Keep the skirts at knee length for a professional look. (No Aly McBeal minis!) Pair tweeds, herringbones and pattern skirts with solid blazers and jackets. And vice versa!

And, of course, a feminine blouse will do wonders for a classic suit.

Monday, December 04, 2006

To Glove or Not To Glove

Dear She She, Hubby and I are attending a black tie wedding this December in Manhattan. To play it safe I've procured a black floor-length gown (more sheath than ball gown), but I'd like to snazz it up a bit. I thought of wearing opera-length black gloves, but are they totally out of style? I ask because none of the department stores seem to have them right now. I don't go to formal events all that much, especially in winter (which we don't really have in south Texas). What about shoes? Or wraps? I'd like to have some color somewhere in my ensemble. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks much, Tex

Dearest Tex,
You are certainly on the right track with a floor length sheath, a very elegant choice indeed. While opera length gloves would certainly be appropriate, and give your ensemble a very chic edge, I would suggest wearing them only during the ceremony itself. Gloves should not be worn when one is eating (yes, even nibbling!) Opera length gloves can be unbuttoned and folded back, tucking the empty finger portion back under the wrist, when one is holding a drink.

I would opt for a pair of gorgeous evening shoes in a comfortable height for dancing. Stay away from teetering heels; choose something you can move in, but still drop dead gorgeous. A metallic gold, silver or bronze will give a boost to the black dress.

As for accessories, a luxurious velvet or raw silk wrap in a deep jewel tone will tie the ensemble together. Keep the jewelry simple; an elegant necklace and classic earrings. Finish off your look with a chic evening bag that coordinates with either your wrap or your shoes.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Holiday Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

Dear She She Me, I love reading all of your fabulous insights into fashion and especially your holiday gift guides; however, I have someone to buy for that is not on your list. My best friend is a very stylish gay man, who has everything under the sun!!! He loves to shop for himself and also does great shopping for me! He recently had a birthday and I gave him new things for his new house, but I am at a loss for a Christmas gift. If you have any suggestions on what to get my favorite hunk, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!!

Dearest Girl, isn't this always the big holiday dilemma, what to get the guy who already has everything? Including a fabulous (and fabulously stylish) friend like yourself! Your unique man deserves a unique gift that fits his interests and lifestyle. Is he into the arts? Tickets to a fabulous gallery opening, concert or play. Is he a foodie? While a glorious gourmet gift basket filled with all of his favorite goodies would probably be much appreciated, a gift certificate for a hands on cooking course would be even more fantastic!

For the music afficionado, these sound isolating earphones will make his morning commute or afternoon jog an absolute pleasure.

For the fitness buff, a gift certificate for kayaking, sailing or biking would be a very unique and fabulous idea!

Another popular gift with very stylish men are Molton Brown personal care products. He'll love the Recharge Black Pepper Body Wash . Or the Supershave Olibanum. The Men's New Age Traveler Kit is an especially good choice because it has a little bit of everything.

One of my favorite gifts to give my dearest friends is a photo calendar, filled with snaps of fabulous and fun times. Good friends, great parties, happy memories spanning the past year and special occasions (your birthday) highlighted.

Just remember, anything you give him that comes from your heart will be exactly what he wants and loves! A warm and loving friend is the best gift anyone could ever receive!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Looking Gorgeous at the Gym

Hi shesheme, I have medium length wavy hair. When I put it in a ponytail to work out, it looks just like a big poof on the back of my head. I have tried cloth headbands but they just come off. Do you have any advice for cute hair things that I can use so that I can still look good at the gym? Thanks!

Hey girly girl! Kudos to you for working out! But no one wants to look like a bouncing Q Tip at the gym so here are a few ideas:

A classic french braid. Very sleek and chic. Because you can start the braid as high or low as you choose, a french braid will enable you to secure even the most layered hairstyle. This can be a bit tricky if you don't know how to french braid; however, you can have your stylist teach you in no time flat, then practice at home.

Another option (this is what I do!) a loose, messy bun. I pull my hair all back into a low to medium high ponytail, then tuck the dangling end of the ponytail back up into the elastic. Very Izzy from Grey's Anatomy. Remember to keep the hair loose though, to avoid breakage.

Also, instead of cloth headbands, try a colorful scarf. You can tie it on headband style or tie it around your ponytail or your bun. It gives you that added edge of chic that the other sweaty girls won't have!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Post Pregnancy Style

She She Me,
I am in need of direction as a first time mom for post pregnancy attire. I have lost all but a few pounds back to normal; however, my tops seem too small and I am in between sizes on the bottom half. Can you recommend some classy outfit suggestions until my body gets back to normal at a very reasonable price? I am used to dressing classy daily, but now all I find myself in are house pants and whatever old tops I have that fit. Help!
Lost Wardrobe Identity

Congratulations dearest girl! Not only on your new little bambina or bambino, but on getting back down to that pre prego weight (or very nearly there). You are the envy of many a new mom indeed! You may find, however, that many of your more fitted tops will remain too tight or too small while you are still breast feeding. Also, the possibility that your ribcage expanded to accomodate the pregnancy, and it may not return to its normal size, as happened with my friend Pretty Mama. She said that none of her button front tops would fit after she had her baby! Here are a few suggestions to get you back to your usual chic style:

I would suggest clothes that are simple in color and in style. A great pair of dark trousers in a fabric with a little stretch; or perhaps a pair with the added benefit of a tummy control panel. Stick with flat front - stay away from pleats! Same thing for a skirt.

Today's empire tops and tunic tops are very classy and also a little more forgiving while you are still losing those last few pounds. Sweaters should be deep v-neck, layered over a cami or tissue tee, this takes the emphasis away from the bustline (which probably doesn't need any emphasis at this point!) Another great choice would be a wrap style top. It gives the illusion of a waist even if yours is temporarily missing in action. Also, a fitted jacket or blazer in a classic style. Stay away from short cropped or boxy styles, and if you are like most new moms, the sands have shifted a bit!

It may be true that black and other dark colors are slimming, but also remember that patterned shirts can hide those little baby spit up stains! (Not to mention leaking breast milk.)

Don't forget shoes and accessories! You may want to go with low wedges or flats while you are toting around a little one. Ankle boots are especially great for comfort and support. Also, a great tote bag will look chic and update any outfit.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

What to Wear for the Family Portrait

Dear SheShe,
I'm heading home for Thanksgiving, but at my house, there's a price to be paid for turkey and pie. My parents love to make us all pose for a family portrait, and this year, they've gone all out and made an appointment with a local photo studio. I guess it's good that my dad is finally going to replace the fifteen year old photo of me in glasses and braces, but what should I wear this year to make sure this new version doesn't make me cringe, too?! I think we're going for a sort of business casual or slightly more relaxed feel, but the only guidance I got from my parents was "no jeans!" I'd love your advice on what is appropriate for this one. Thanks! Natalie

Aren't families just fabulous? At least your mom doesn't make you all dress alike! I have three family portraits on my mantle: the entire clan dressed in khaki trousers and chambray shirts. Next year, the entire crew dressed in khaki trousers and snowflake sweaters. Last year we were all wearing khaki trousers and polo shirts. We looked like a Home Depot ad.

A few tips to remember (which you may want to pass on to the other members of your family) when having a family portrait taken: try to keep everyone within the same basic color family, but not dressed identically (that's so 1990!) As a general rule, your clothing should be either very light or very dark, depending on the backdrop, so everyone will stand out. Solid colors only - patterns, stripes and busy colors do not reproduce well on film and are very distracting in the portrait itself. And stay away from trendy fashions, anything too tight, too short, too bare or sleeveless. Dress in something that makes you feel comfortable, reflects your own sense of style and makes you feel most like yourself.

I would suggest the timeless look of a soft cashmere sweater paired with classic wool trousers. Elegance, without being too formal. A wrap front or side tie sweater is very flattering. Another option would be a flattering blouse paired with gabardine trousers, or perhaps a long skirt. Depending upon the size of your group, you may find yourself sitting on the ground or perched on the arm of a chair, so stay away from short skirts.

One of my favorite looks (and this is what we are going with in our family this year) is a classic black and white photo. Everyone can wear dark colored tops (not necessarily black, because the photo processing will give you varying shades of charcoal and grey) with light colored skirts and trousers and the final products is classic and timeless.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Holiday Party Frocks Redux

Dear She She Me, Fashion dilemma! The company office party is in three weeks, and I've no idea what to wear. I work for an Investment Firm, and am the Head of Marketing. Investment firm = conservative. Marketing = creative. What to do. I have a great Azria dress, but it has thin straps, and I don't know how comfortable I feel baring that much shoulder. Help me please, I don't want to do the standard LBD, but I don't want to look like I just changed out my top from my usual office duds. Thanks, Kari

This is the most typical dilemma regarding holiday office parties. You want to maintain your chic and professional style, but at the same time it's the holidays! You want to be able to sparkle a little, no? The most important thing to bear in mind is that even though it's a party, it is still a professional environment, so you really do need to maintain professional standards. Remember the rules, dear girl: keep it simple, keep it chic. Stay away from anything too bare, revealing, fussy or glitzy. Your Azria would be sublime, but the thin straps probably display a bit more skin than is professionally proper. One solution would be to wear a coordinating bolero, or perhaps a sheer or lace cover. Even a satin wrap top would work, depending upon the style of the dress. To offset the deeply plunging neckline of many of today's cocktail dresses, a delicate lace cami or metallic cami does the trick beautifully!

An elegant sheath, or perhaps a party style dress, with a festive fuller skirt would be a great choice. As would be a feminine top and a satin or velvet skirt. Depending upon the formality of the occasion, you could also go with trouser in a satin or velvet, or perhaps a tuxedo style suit, paired with a gorgeous blouse.

Shoes. This is where you can be a bit more daring than usual. Elegant slingbacks, pretty peeptoes, even sparkly sandals. Keep the heel height below 3 1/2inches - no stilettos. An elegant little handbag or clutch, a bit of sparkle at the wrist and ears and you are good to go.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Very Wide Legged Pants

Hi She She! I am a plus size woman and I purchased a pair of wide legged, and I mean wide legged pants. Now, my question is, is it OK for plus size women to wear these pants, and if so, can we wear flats or must it be heels only? And can I wear a shirt and vest with these pants? Thanks! Zelda B.

Hi Zelda! Believe it or not, a wide leg from top to bottom can create a long, slimming line no matter what your height. Most women do tend to wear heels with wide legged pants because the excess fabric tends to swish back and forth when you are walking and can fray along the bottom if it drags. Heels, even a mid or platform heel, allow for a little more play in the fabric, and less dragging and fraying. You can wear flats, but make sure the pants are hemmed at least a half inch inch off the floor. And if you choose to wear flats, I would opt for flats with a more pointed toe. Round toes tend to make your legs look stumpy.

A shirt and vest with wide legged pants would be perfectly fine, so long as they are fairly close fitting, with not alot of excess fabric. Volume should only exist in one area; either a voluminous top, like a tunic or oversize sweater, paired with something more form fitting, like skinny jeans or leggings. By the same token, wide legged trousers should be paired with something less voluminous, like a surplice top or fitted blouse.

Another great look, which is very in right now would be a wrap or cross front top. If you have a nice waistline, this style is very flattering, and if you have no waist to speak of, this style can create the illusion of a waistline. A veritable miracle worker!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Taming Static-head

Dear SheSheMe, I am having horrid trouble with static and my hair this fall, as I have had every other year as the seasons start to cool down! I adore wearing cozy turtlenecks and coats with furry collars, but every time I wrap a scarf around my neck, my hair absolutely goes awry! I have tried using more product, less product, no product, etc., but to no avail. My hair is straight and shoulder length, and I do use a hair dryer every morning. What suggestions do you (or Girly, perhaps?) have for my scary, static dilemma? Please help! Thank you!!! Sincerely, Dana

Hey there, chick-pea! I’ve been thinking about your predicament and have come up with the following ideas to de-shock your hair. I’ve had this problem before and was able to discover the culprit: my hair brush! Yes, my paddle brush was giving me Einstein mane. Part of the problem was that I hadn’t been cleaning the hair out of my brush often, but I now do it religiously and have found that it makes a huge difference. Another huge help - my ion hair dryer. It dries my hair super fast, leaving it silky, shiny and static free!

Truth be told, there are many things that can electrify your hair. Aside from cleaning out/replacing your hair brush, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that I think will keep your hair under control - wool coats, turtle necks and all. Your hair probably suffers from one of two things: dryness or product build-up.

To combat dryness, first be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Dry hair is crazy hair! I would also suggest a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Just keep the moisture within reason.

If you suspect a product build-up, it’s possible you are simply not rinsing your hair sufficiently before hopping out of the shower. This has been a thorn in my side on more than one occasion. However, I have a new method for rinsing my hair that has yet to let me down! Instead of rinsing your hair as you usually would, rinse in sections. Let the water rinse the top layer of hair, then lift that top layer—as if you were going to put your hair half up. Rinse that under layer and maybe even a third layer. This way you will be sure to get all of the conditioner out and won’t end up with static or greasy hair. Also, try a shampoo specifically made to combat product buildup. I use Paul Brown Clarifying Shampoo once a week to keep my hair from turning into a product timeshare!

Another fabulous help is a great leave-in conditioner. I love this one because it adds body and movement as well as controls static. It is a serum, so a little goes a long way.

And don’t think me crazy for this one: keep a fabric softener sheet handy! It’s a trick I learned a few years ago—when hair starts to stand on end, run that anti-static sheet over it. Works on clothes; works on hair! You might want to go with a softly or non-scented sheet so you won’t smell of laundry all day. Unless of course you just love the smell of clean clothes!

Hope this helps you, Dana!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Holiday Party Frocks

Can hardly believe it, but my first holiday party is less than one month away! Can you recommend an appropriate outfit for my firm's cocktail party that is fun, festive, and in keeping with this winter's trends, yet still conservative enough to wear around my colleagues? Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Jennifer (an attorney)

Dearest girl, I think that parties are the very best thing about the holidays! (even the dreaded, yet mandatory, office party). You are right on track already, however, with wanting something fashionable yet somewhat conservative. Remember the three rules for office party attire: Nothing too sexy, nothing too flashy, nothing too bare. This is not the place for plunging necklines, micro mini skirts or skin tight sweaters.

If the party is in the evening or on a weekend, and you have the time to primp and prepare, then go with an elegant cocktail dress. Something classic and sophisticated, but perhaps in a more festive fabric like satin, taffeta, chiffon or lace. A dress with a wrap front or side tie emphasizes a trim waist (or gives the illusion of one!) Nothing too short; just above the knee or at the knee is ideal. Sleeveless cocktail attire is perfectly acceptable, but if you are going to wear a spaghetti strap or strapless gown, be sure to cover up with a bolero or wrap jacket, or an opaque or semi sheer top. (Remember the nothing too bare rule!) You can also fill in a neckline that is a bit on the bare side with a lacy or embellished cami. Since you are playing it safe with the dress, you can go a little more bold with the shoes and accessories. A gorgeous necklace and earrings, this season's trendy cuff bracelet, and a chic little evening bag. This is also the perfect time to break out your "dance with me baby" sandals.

If the party is an extension of your work day, you can spruce up that legal eagle suit by swapping your traditional work blazer with a velvet blazer or brocade jacket. Another option would be a lacy or embellished shell under your original blazer, and wide leg trousers. Trade in the business pumps for some sassy slingbacks or platforms, and trade up in the accessory department for something with a little more bling than usual.

Another no no for office party attire: no holiday motifs! No earrings shaped like gift wrapped parcels, no necklaces of Christmas lights, no flashing LED Santa broaches. And don't let your guy wear a Santa tie! Tacky isn't invited to any holiday parties this year!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Divine Duvet (and other fab bedding finds!)

Hi She She Desperately in need of new bedding. I am utterly bored by the Plain Jane white duvet with red stripe, and appalled by giant grandma florals! Can you suggest something that nods to traditional luxurious bedding with a funky edge? Thanks! E

I have to admit that I am an avid bedding fan, to the point of being a fanatic. I adore being able to change the entire look and feel of my bedroom in an instant. I love Soft Surroundings for their fabulous quality bedding and accessories, as well as their great prices. This exquisite ensemble is very European in flavor, with nary a grandma floral in sight! Fabu shams, sheets and pillows to match and coordinate, and even a matching bed for your poochie!

Another source for great bedding is Bluefly. I absolutely adore their Dwell bedding in chocolate "Silhouette". Positively elegant combed Egyptian cotton feels exquisite against your skin. I also love the clean modern lines of "Trellis" in butter. Paired with crisp white bedskirt and shams for sheer elegance.

Don't forget a warm snuggly throw! I absolutely love my Bellissima throw. This chenille snuggler is perfect for cuddling and holds up through a multitude of washings.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fabulous Large Size Shoes

Darling She She! I am in a major quandary here. I am a very tall girl, over 6 feet, who loves shoes. Any shoes and all shoes. Unfortunately, all I can ever find in my size (usually 9, sometimes 10) are orthopedic nurses shoes! Please help me find some stylish shoes and most especially some boots!

Willowy in Westchester

Dearest Girl are you ever in luck! Barefoot Tess has a fantastic selection of the most chic shoes and boots for girls who need a larger size, with nary a nurses shoe among them! I love these gorgeous Delman flats, which are perfect for fall. For a little lift, check out these darling Jeffrey Campbell pumps. I also love this elegant pair of Kate Spade slingbacks .

Now for the boots: For a boot with a heel, check out the Dollhouse Wrapper bootie. And these suede riding boots are positively gorgeous and so versatile with jeans, skirts or trousers. There are so many choices! From woven leather boots to sleek riding boots to fabulous fur après-ski boots, you'll think you've entered paradise!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Equestrian Style Boots

Annabelle asks:
I absolutely LOVE the equestrian style boots. They are so classic! Most of them tend to be very flat however, or with just a tiny bit of a heel. Since I am quite short and flat boots tend to make me look like a midget, I would like to find a pair with a higher heel. Any suggestions?

This darling pair of equestrian style boots by Bally are perfect for you Annabelle! They have the classic styling of a riding boot, but with an elongated toe and higher heel for a more feminine feel. For a more casual type boot, check out these by Peter Kaiser. I love the buckle detail, and the heel height is manageable.

Another great choice, and a bargain at the sale price, is this pair by DKNY. The styling is classic, and the stacked heel gives height as well as stability.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fabu Flat Boots

Hey, I really need your help! I bought really cute straight jeans from h&m the other day, and I love them, but I need boots to go with them! I'm 5'9" and can't wear heels! Sometimes I do wear kitten heels, but I just can't find any cute boots with kitten heels or no heels at all. Do you have any ideas? Love, Maya

With the current fashion focus being on skinny jeans, straight legs and even leggings, it really is all about the boots this fall. Fortunately, there is a vast selection of boots out there, even for tall girls, in every price and budget range.

For casual wear, check out this gorgeous pair of suede flat boots by Steven Madden. They are soooo comfy and can be worn slouched or pulled up straight. This smooth, sleek leather boot by Nine West kicks it up a notch, and can be worn with skirts as well as jeans.

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of riding style boots. Chic, stylish and oh so sophisticated. I especially love the buckle detail on this pair of Peter Kaiser riders. Very "weekend at the country house."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Handbag Heaven

Please let me know if a dark navy blue handbag with dark brown straps should be used with any outfit these days, or should I stick with a brown handbag? Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A great quality handbag is always an investment and an enhancement to your ensemble. Your choice for a basic everyday handbag is determined primarily by your own personal style. In a conservative environment, since most of your ensembles will probably be in a fairly neutral color palette, a navy handbag with dark brown straps would work quite nicely, as well as be a change from the usual basic black or brown handbag.

Your bag doesn't have to match exactly, but there should be some coordination. If you tend to wear colors in the cool, clear shades, then a black, white, grey or navy handbag would be a good choice. If your wardrobe leans more toward warmer shades, a brown, tan, beige or ivory bag would be best.

I have a fabulous navy and brown suede bag that is a staple for me. I use it with my navy pencil skirt, cropped blazer and platform pumps or my Michael Kors trousers and a cashmere turtleneck. It can also be very casual chic when I wear jeans, a warm sweater and gorgeous deep brown boots. A great idea for tying an ensemble together, particularly with the brisk autumn weather, would be a pair of supple deep brown leather gloves the same shade as the leather trim on the handbag.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

What To Wear To Your Class Reunion

Hello She She Me! I need some help finding a 10 year class reunion outfit! It is going to be held at a casual bar so I am looking for something along the lines of designer jeans and a great top. Can't wait to hear your ideas!

Well darling girl, you are definitely in luck with all the fab fashions out there! First of all, be sure to check out Shop Girl's advice on what denim selection is best for your body type. That will make all the difference in the world. You could be wearing a $250 pair of designer jeans, but if they are wrong for your body you may as well be wearing a $25 pair from Target that actually fits and flatters! If you are going to spend serious cash on designer duds, make sure they are right for your silhouette.

Your 10 year reunion is all about Who Still Looks Great. And not to be snarky (as if I ever would be!) it is intensely gratifying when She Who Was Voted Most Popular and She Who Was Voted Miss Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Bod show up looking like the Anna Nicole Smith and Kirstie Alley BEFORE! Unless, of course, YOU were the one voted Miss Whatever, then you just want to show them that you've still got it baby!

A classic pair of chic bootcut jeans is the most flattering fit for just about every body type. This season it is all about sleek style, so give the embellishment a pass. Also, I would go with a darker wash, or even black, which is a little more dressy (as well as more slimming!)

If you have really great shoulders and arms, this is the perfect time to flaunt them! A chic halter or a sexy sleeveless tunic top will look fantastic, as well as be comfortable in a warm and crowded room. Another great choice is a surplice style top, which flatters the waistline. A classic blazer style jacket worn over the halter is a good way to start off the evening, and it can be draped over your chair once things heat up. A sassy cropped jacket would look fab too!

Glam up your jeans with sexy skyscrapers. Go with a little bling here. Or, if you are into the skinny jeans thing (and have the legs to pull it off) a great pair of heeled boots would look fantastic, as well as elongate your gams. A bit of frosting, a great bag and you are good to go!

Monday, October 09, 2006

What's in Your Wallet?

Dear She She Me,
First off, I want to say love your blog! My question is this: what should girls carry in their purses? What are the basic necessities that girls should have with them at all times? Thanks a lot! Love, Rachel

Hi Rachel,
The very question we girls ask ourselves every time we leave the house! My general rule of thumb is what would I like/want/need if I happen to get stuck on the subway/train/tarmac for an extended period of time.

Basics: Wallet with ID, credit/ATM cards, cash. Auto and house keys, cell phone, PDA. Mirrored compact w/pressed powder, lipgloss, breath mints, girly necessities otherwise known as snickers. iPod (this is a definite necessity for being stuck on subways, trains, and airplanes, but perhaps falls into the bonus category otherwise.)

Girly girl extras: zippered cosmetic bag with mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and blush. Travel tissues, travel wipes, travel size Tylenol, nail file, small notebook and pen.

Total bonus: Journal, book or magazine, iPod, photo wallet.

This list could go on and on, but this covers the very basics for glamorous girly girls!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Skinny Boots

Hi there!

Quick question. I am a tall girl with skinny legs, with the teeniest calves ever. So, I love tall boots because they are always stylish, but I can never find a pair that fit my calves. Oh sure, you can have them expanded if you have bigger calves, but the only way to fix the opposite problem is to take the boots to a leather guy and have them taken in for a few hundred dollars. Of course this limits my options for types of boots I can purchase. Do you know of a boot company that makes narrow calved boots, or a place that maybe lets you order the calf size? Before you ask, no, the stretchy boots don't work either. They end up looking like scrunch socks from the 80s. HELP! Thanks, Gen

Hi Gen,

One of the girls here at the office has amazingly skinny calves, and she swears by Charles David Crave boots. They have an amazingly narrow calf, just 12 inches. The Steve Madden Luciah is also a good choice. The lace tie top is an added bonus for style and a more snug fit. Both of these boots have a leather upper, which makes for a much better quality boot.

Another possibility is the Frida by Nina. The upper is a man made suede, but the circumference is only 11 inches. Very snug fit.

However, if you want the absolute perfect fit in boots, and are willing to pay a little extra, and wait a little longer for delivery (they come from the UK) then check out Duo Boots, for custom made boots.

Ivy League Fashion for the Big Game

Dear She She Me,
I am having a fashion dilemma. My fiancé and I are going to the Harvard vs. Yale football game in November, and I am at a loss as to what to wear! I live in the South, so my wardrobe lacks great cold weather clothing. Also, I have never been to Boston, so I am not sure what the style is there. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Southern Girl Headed to Harvard

Well, dear girl, from the sound of things you should definitely wear crimson! (Am assuming you are Harvard fans; if not, change that to navy blue!) This is "The Game" and you will find a very definitely divided crowd, sartorially speaking. Everyone will be sporting their school colors so you may as well join in the fun! Just promise me that you won't paint half your face.

It will definitely be cold, and you will be spending hours outdoors, so dress accordingly. Flashing back to an extremely frostbitten derrière at the Northwestern v. Purdue game a few years ago, I have just one suggestion: Jockey No Panty Line Promise Thermals. These are not your brother's thermals! These are exquisite. Extremely thin, extremely comfortable and extremely warm! Thin enough to wear under your snuggest jeans and guaranteed to keep you nice and toasty. Also, they come in several colors and can be worn as leggings too!

Dress in layers. A turtleneck (silk or cashmere is warmest), warm sweater, and jeans with a little stretch (comfort is the rule of the day!) topped off with a toasty shearling coat, or even a soft down jacket. Don't forget a scarf, warm knit cap (this is a good way to show your school colors) and warm gloves. Comfortable boots (fleece lined for warmth) are a good choice because they are not only warm, but protective.

Don't forget your sunglasses, and sunscreen if it's a sunny, warm day. I would opt for a large tote bag or perhaps even a stylish backpack for your girly paraphernalia (including a rain poncho, umbrella and large trash bag to slide over your stadium seat if it rains).

Go team!