Monday, July 31, 2006

Ankle Boots for Fall

Hi there She She Girls!

Am having a bit of a dilemma here. Am feeling the need to purchase gorgeous new ankle boots (they will be all the rage this fall) but have always had problems with not immediately putting my latest purchases directly onto my feet (usually even before leaving the store). Shop Girl says it looks silly to wear ankle boots when the temp is hovering in the high 90's. I say a girl with style can get away with anything! Solution: Gorgeous new ankle boots (love the vintage look!) and equally gorgeous new sandals--very chic with croco print and woven wedge! Now I can have immediate gratification, which is one of the major purposes in shopping, as well as something to look forward to when the weather turns chilly. Luckily, I found a positively drop-dead gorgeous skirt that can make the transition from summer to autumn with minimal effort. Paired with a darling cami for hot August nights, then add autumn's must-have leggings and a saucy sweater and I'm all set!


Anonymous said...

So excited about your blog! Have a question for you: I just found out that I'll be teaching a college class this fall, and I need a chic-but-useful bag to tote my work essentials in (binders, papers, etc). Any suggestions? Thanks!

She She Me said...

There are so many stylish totes out there, but sometimes it takes a bit of extra effort to find the Goldilocks of tote bags (not too big, not too small, but j-u-u-u-st right!) Here are a few of my fave picks: This stylish tote

is great for use as a computer bag/business tote. The computer compartment is completely detachable, and the tote also comes with a matching cosmetics case. Both computer compartment and tote have an abundance of pockets and sleeves so there is ample space for computer paraphernalia, files, folders and accessories. The straps are long enough to carry the tote comfortably over the shoulder, yet short enough not to drag the bottom on the ground when carrying the bag by the handles.

This sleek Italian business tote

has a 3-way zip which opens to one large main compartment which will hold a laptop, files and even a book or two. There are also smaller pockets for cell phone, PDA, sunglasses. etc. It has the added bonus of being very light weight and the smooth Italian leather is scratch resistant. The handles are long enough to be able to slip over your shoulder. Plus, the fire engine red color makes it a total standout. Has more of a purse feel than a business bag feel.

This gorgeous business bag by Hobo International

is perfect for the professional on the go. It has pockets for everything and the cell phone pocket is actually large enough for a Blackberry. It is large enough to hold a laptop and still have room for the power cord due to the wider bottom. The zippers on the side allow for paper and file storage, without crinkling and crumpling. Has dual handles, plus a padded shoulder strap for comfort and convenience. The platform bottom with feet make it stable when you set it down.