Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Accessories for the Chic

Hi shesheme! Well I just bought this super cute white button down linen dress. It has safari-type sleeves, you know, the ones that roll up. They hit at the elbow. The dress hits below the knee. Although I love the dress, I don't quite know what accessories to pair it with. I mean, I just turned 18 and I worry that it will make me look too old or something. I do love more sophisticated styles, but I don't want to look too -- grown in it, if that's the word. What accessories would you suggest to make it look younger?

Well girly girl, this type of dress, chic yet understated, calls for accessories with a little more attitude. I would suggest going with a necklace and bracelet with some substance to them; perhaps wooden and metal beads, chunky sea glass or antique coins. Earrings that are rustic, yet not exactly matchy-matched to the other jewelry. I would also add a wide leather belt and cinch it low on the waist. Finish off with a pair of platform leather sandals. Sophisticated, yet edgy. And for the finishing touch , a distressed leather bag.

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Carlita said...

Um, I love! thanks for the ideas. I do like what you said about the accessories not matching too much; I feel the same way. Thank you for the tips!