Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back to School Fashions

From one of our young readers:

I am a student and am honestly at a loss as to what to wear for the first day back to school. I am 5'3 and wear size 3. I want to be fashionable, not too trendy, just very classic - I LOVE classic looks! Also, what kind of make up/skin cosmetics would you recommend? I have tanned, asian skin, oily-ish nose with blackheads - EEK - and my acne is toning down. Thank you much!

Classic looks are just that - classic and classy. The individual pieces can also be more easily mixed and matched for even greater wardrobe possibilities. For a great back to school look, bump up the volume a bit with a wrap dress - it will accentuate your waist without cutting you in half. Another possibility would be a strappy or halter-neck dress worn with a tank or cami. (A classy girl never exposes a lot of skin - especially at school!) Pair either dress with skinny leggings and platform sandals, or opaque tights and heeled ankle boots (not only stylish, but adds height to your petite frame!) Another bonus with leggings this season - they allow you to wear shorter skirts without the possibility of flashing half the studentbody, the lunch ladies and the teachers.

Another option - instead of the old standby (denim jeans), opt for a more updated bootcut twill with a skinny tee. You could even top this with a cotton peasant cami. For the perfect finishing touch, try chunky slides or wedges.

As far as skin care goes, I swear by ProActiv products. They are great at keeping breakouts under control and also help clear pores to alleviate future problems. Also, to control shine and absorb oil, Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens are great. They won't smear your makeup and they are small enough to tuck into your bookbag. For makeup, Bare Escentuals is hands down the best! Their mineral base is also SPF15 so it protects your skin along with making it look fabulous. Also, a little goes a long way. It comes in tiny jars, but they really do last.

Hope this gets you back to school totally sassy and in style!

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coco said...

I really like the new dress and leggings combo. I like the idea of being able to wear mini skirts and those cute little babydoll dresses, which I would never do normally, but I think pairing them with leggings would give me room to be a bit more brave.