Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chic Fashions for the Mama-to-Be

A question from Katherine:

Yikes! Just found out I'm pregnant (good thing) and have to totally rethink late-summer fall wardrobe. Problem is, I have already gained 4-6 lbs but am not supposed to start showing - or go public with the news - for another two months! Any suggestions on a few pieces I could add to hide the new weight that might even transition into early pregnancy clothes? I'd also love any advice on where to buy fashionable maternity clothes, once the time is right. Thank you!

First of all, Katherine, Congratulations!!! A new baby is always a cause for celebration. My dear friend, Pretty Mama, is the perfect source for info on all things maternity and she has oodles of ideas and suggestions for you. If you've already gained a few pounds, chances are your regular clothes are probably getting a bit snug around the waist, and that can be uncomfortable for a growing baby-belly. You can keep wearing your favorite jeans by using a little trick called "rubber-band-through-the-button-hole" to not only keep your pants from falling down, but also from digging into your tender tummy. (This little trick can carry you right into your third trimester!) Also, super-low-rise jeans are great because they hit low enough to accomodate a growing bump.

Today's maternity trend is to embrace the belly by wearing form fitting and figure enhancing styles. However, if you are trying to camouflage the bump for a little while there are a few basic easy-to-follow tricks. Luckily, current styles are ideal for your situation: peasant tops are perfect, as are empire waistlines. Tunics are also fabulous. You can also buy your blouses and tops in one size larger than you would normally wear; that way your overall style doesn't change drastically (which would be a blaring signal that something was afoot!) Pretty Mama told me that she wore button-down oxford tops and loose, lacy blouses over her jeans and trousers for the first five months of her pregnancy and no one was the wiser! Stay away from any clingy fabrics (remember Katie Holmes in the ice-blue silk top? Belly-button at half mast?) 'Nuff said.

When the word is out (along with your naval) there are many great online sites as well as maternity boutiques. Mother's Work is a great maternity mall type site with links to Destination Maternity, Mimi Maternity, Pea in the Pod, and Motherhood Maternity. There is also a link to Edamame Spa for fabulous pregnancy pampering! Best of luck darling mama-to-be!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you darling She She! I, too, have found myself keeping a little "secret", but with today's low-rider jeans and belly-baring tops have wondered just how much longer I can disguise my ever-growing bump! I have found that wearing an extra-long cami under my regular blouses and tops really helps. I am also embracing wide leg trousers and swingy jackets. However, as soon as I decide to let the world in on my little secret I will embrace all things prego! (No bare bellies however)