Saturday, August 05, 2006

Closet Helper

Darling Myriah has a dilemma!

Sigh*..... hi She She, I have a little dilemma. I just bought these two new pairs of jeans. No, this does not look like a problem, but it is. I simply don't know where in my closet to put them! Do I hang them? Do I stack them? My only stack-able surfaces are drawers, which means that I can't really tell which jeans are which. But if I hang them, they sure take up a lot of room, and I find myself squishing items that really should not be squished. If you have any advice, I would sure appreciate it. Hearts! ~Myriah

Well Myriah dear, I do have a solution for you! In my very own closet I have recently doubled my storage space -- yes, doubled it -- by creating my own closet organizer-type solution. I am completely hopeless with a hammer and nails, so I opted for totally portable units that would fit in my existing closet without having to make alterations (or hire a carpenter with a tool belt and butt-cleavage. ) I went to my favorite store on earth - Target - and bought a hanging canvas sweater shelf, two hanging canvas shoe organizers, and a set of stackable wooden shelves. Home Depot had the perfect set of wire mesh storage drawers (one shallow drawer, three deep drawers). I then divided my closet into thirds. One third is for hanging long items (dresses, coats, long skirts, etc), one third has the wire mesh storage drawers on the bottom, with additional hanging space above for blouses and tops. The final third has all three hanging canvas organizers for shoes and sweaters. Since they only hang down 48" I was able to put a set of stackable wooden shelves on the floor below for additional shoe/boot storage.

Now for the jeans: you now have several different options for storing your jeans. Personally, I would fold them and put them in the wire mesh drawers. Since they are obviously now your two new favorite pairs of jeans, I would assign them each their own permanent home/drawer; that way they are always exactly where they should be and you don't have to root around through everything to find them. In fact, that should be a rule of thumb for everything in your closet. Assign each item a home location. The old addage "a place for everything and everything in its place" is a rule all She She girls live by when it comes to storing our gorgeous fashions!

Well, dearest Myriah, I hope this helps!


girlygirl said...

I sooooo needed to see this! I have the same problem--too many clothes and too little space - and a very, very tiny household budget to cover little luxuries like this. Thanks Myriah, for asking the question that I didn't even know that I needed an answer to, and thanks a bunch of daisies, She She Me, for giving me some really good (and affordable!) ideas for my own little closet!

Susie said...

I love your suggestions! However, my closet is tiny and narrow (2ft wide x 3 feet deep). Any suggestions for best maximizing the space in a tiny closet??? I'd KILL for a closet like yours, She She Me!!!

She She Me said...

Wow, that is a tiny closet! Your best bet would be to maximize your stacking space and minimize your hanging space. By that I mean hang only those items of clothing that absolutely must be hung. (Nice dresses, gowns and blouses, etc.) Anything at all that can be folded and stacked should be. Get a free-standing coat-rack for all of your coats, jackets and sweatshirts and put it in the corner of the room. Make use of closet floor space by using stackable shelves and cubes. Your closet is a little deeper than normal, so one thing you can do is get deeper portable shelves and stack things double-deep, putting off-season clothes behind current season clothes, then rotate them as needed.

Another good idea is to get those over-the-door shoe hangers for the inside of your closet door. Because your closet is so deep, you won't smush your clothes by having your shoes hanging against the inside of the closet door. This frees up floor space and shelf space for folded sweaters, trousers, tees, etc.

If you have the space in your bedroom or somewhere else out-of-the-way in your apartment, a mobile laundry center is a fabulous solution for extra hanging space. You could even put it in the corner of your bedroom and screen it off with a folding room screen.

Another storage idea, instead of having a nightstand by the side of your bed, use a small dresser. This gives you drawer storage as well as tabletop area for alarm clock, phone, candles, etc.

Hope this helps!

She She Me said...

Hey Susie,

Check the blog, because I posted the response there too, along with pictures and links on the pictures to where you can purchase the shoe storage center and the mobile laundry center.

Ta ta,

She She Me