Friday, August 11, 2006

Fashionable Lunch Box

Amanda's dilemma:

So I’m in my first “real world” job. I’m trying to save money by eating lunch at work. But I hate carrying around a kids lunch box. Can you recommend anything cute and trendy that I won’t be embarrassed to parade around my collegues with?

I have the perfect little lunch tote for you! It's chic enough to look like a handbag, yet it's also insulated and has plenty of room without looking like you are toting a picnic for the whole office. The Milano Tote. with its heavy-duty, form-fitting neoprene fabric has an insulated lunch compartment and an insulated drink compartment, which holds two small cans or one 0.5L water bottle. A zippered closure keeps items secure and also has clear acrylic handles and an attractive, exterior utility pocket .

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Lolita said...

Very cute. Vera Bradly also has a cute lunch tote in all the great prints she offers.