Monday, August 28, 2006

Hot Fall Trends to Invest In

Hi there She She girl! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the She She Blog! Now I have a forum for my fashion challenges, which seem to be happening with more and more frequency! Current dilemma: I am on a somewhat limited budget, but want to be au courant in my style. Which of this fall's fashion trends would be the best investment for me? xoxo, Rochelle

Well, dearest girl, I'm putting my money on the ever-chic black & white trend. The best part about going with basic black and uber-chic white is that the separate pieces can easily be integrated into future fashion trends. Take, for instance, the LBD. What twirty girl can live without one (or two)? Just remember the rules: the perfect LBD is classic and timeless, of very good quality and makes you feel like the most glamorous/sophisticated/sexy woman in the room. My favorite LBD has taken me from my class reunion, to a hoity-toity press junket to the company Christmas party - with the proper accessories of course! For the black & white trend, I would suggest the following separates:

A black pencil skirt. Watch the length - too short and it is virtually impossible to sit (not to mention dangerous to bend over) and too long makes you look like Miss Moneypenny.

Crisp, white blouse. Luckily, the menswear style is also very hot this season, so a crisp white buttondown is practically mandatory. Also, a fluttery, romantic blouse. And a classic tee (or three!)

Black narrow-leg trousers, wide-leg trousers, a great pair of cuffed jeans. (Not black, not white, just regular denim. New jeans every season - this is a given.)

Belted jacket, or classic blazer. A wide-collar peacoat.

A white, sleeveless sheath dress. This is another classic item. Go for really good quality - make sure it is lined from neck to knee.

Platform pumps, (chic spectators are also a great choice), sexy slingbacks or T-straps , classy flats and a pair of canvas skimmers. If your budget allows, a great pair of boots.

Accessories: a waist-cinching belt, a metallic or chain belt, white hobo bag, black tote bag, leather-band watch, bead necklaces.

While black & white is chic, timeless and oh-so-sophisticated, you can always spice things up a bit with a bold accessory: a red hot handbag, oh-so-chic metallic shoes & large link necklace (also hot this season), luxurious leather belt. Happy shopping Rochelle!


Kate said...

You know, when you look at clothing items as investments, it makes it much easier to drop $200 on a jacket or pair of jeans! And as long as you don't get too trendy, these style can carry you through several seasons. Although it is fun to indulge in trends now and then - I so completely got lost in the boho chic trend that I am having a hard time relegating those flouncy skirts to the back of my closet!

Frieda said...

Some things will never be out of style--and those you want to stick with--"the staples".(I am not promoting the chain of stores.) I love love love my black Mossimo peacoat as well as my Calvin Klein peacoat. All black, which is my favorite(non?)colour. Goes with everything. Black long a-line skirt(this new bubble thing is giving me nightmares, a la Seinfeld's Bubble Boy episode), some platform to give u extra height--a looong black, lean, sharp line of DIVINE female fantastic looks for one who has not yet(but any moment will be, God Willing)be invited to join the Black AmEx Centurion Card Club.
Put on a smile, and make the world your runway!