Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh No! Not Skinny Jeans Again! Quelle Nightmare!

A question from Lolita:

Dear She She, I am 27 and want to look fashionable without buying into every single trend each season. To my horror, skinny jeans are coming back, and look super cute on stick skinny girls. I'm a pretty curvy size 12 and don't think I can get away with doing the skinny jean thing, (at least I couldnt in middle school in the 80s). Will I be horribly out of date wearing boot cut styles? I remember when boot cut became fashionable and replaced the tapered leg; and anyone still wearing the tapered leg was sooo out of style. What's a girl to do?!

Hello Lolita,

I know, I know, everyone on the runways is parading around in the ├╝ber-chic skinny jeans - the only problem with that is that there are only a very small handful of women who can actually get away with wearing that style (and kudos to you for figuring it out in middle school!) Fortunately, even though that is the stated trend according to all the fashion mags, it is not the only trend out there for fall - and the foreseeable future! For a girl with curves, there are several options, and joy of joys bootcut totally makes the cut! The trend this season is away from embellishments - just simple, clean lines.
Other popular jeans styles this season are:
  • Cropped jeans. Cut a little fuller, almost a gaucho. For fall, trade the espadrilles for a platform pump or a strappy slide.
  • Flares. The style this season is very flattering, not a huge flare, but very sophisticated. Bump up the chic factor with a ladylike blouse and heels.
  • Straight leg styles. Great if you are petite, or packing a seriously sexy booty.
  • Denim skirt. Don't forget to get one! Just above the knee length or right at the knee. With a stylish pair of t-straps and a swingy jacket you're sure to be a fashion hit!



Ooh la love.. Blogged about you and your battle against the skinny jean:

buttonsandstars said...

Well, I've heard the boy-fit/wide leg jean is going to be huge this Autumn. It can be in slouchy styles or in quite a tailored look. You should be able to find a pair that suits every figure.