Friday, August 25, 2006

The Search is On! Saucy Shoes & Stylish Shirtdresses!

Hey dearest, I`ve got a challenge for you. I`m going to be a sophomore in high school and I`ve blown almost all my back-to-school money on...well, back-to-school clothes. But there are two things on my [still quite long] "desperately need" list that I can`t seem to find. Perhaps you could help me out?

1. Pumps a la Christian Louboutin, like these. The SINGLE problem with those is the heel height. I mean, I could rock them ;], but not for school. 4 inches is a bit much for more frequent use.

2. Reasonably priced and very cute shirtdresses. Like...$35-and-under-reasonable. Haha. Eagerly awaiting any of your expertise!-- XOXO,Victoria

Well Victoria, (love the name by the way, channeling Mrs. Beckham!) I completely understand your footwear dilemma. While 4 inch heels are very stylish, make your legs look absolutely endless and put a saucy little swing in your step, they are a bit impossible for traipsing about campus with a 40 lb. bookbag tossed over your shoulder. Take heart though my dear, a thorough search (keeping a budget in mind!) has unearthed the following:

This lovely little open-toed number from Zappos. Still a gorgeously sexy patent leather, but a much more manageable 2 3/4" heel.

This luscious eel-skin pump may have a 4" heel, but the angle in the arch is less severe (platform sole accomodates height) and the stacked heel is more substantial and stable. The padded footbed also makes this shoe a much more wearable height for the long haul.

Another exotic, this ostrich skin pump has a criss-crossed vamp and scalloped topline for a touch of sophistication. The platform accomodates some of the height and the 3 1/2" heel makes for comfortable wearability.

My personal fave, by Bandolino, this peep-toe has a more comfortable heel height as well as a padded footbed. The buckle detail also gives it more of an edgy, yet sophisticated feel.

Now, for the shirtdresses. I have just one word for you - Forever 21! (Actually, that's two words, or one word and a number, but I digress.) Hands down, the best source for affordable dresses. Add a bit of a funky style to this versatile little number with layered necklaces, a metallic belt and comfy yet very stylish slides. Or this striped shirtdress, paired with saucy Mary Janes and understated accessories is the epitome of sophistication. Give it a little edge (and achieve an entirely different look) by pairing it with leggings and black ankle boots, a skinny leather belt and bold accessories.

I, however, have found the most perfect shirtdress of all time. It is a little pricier than you are looking for, but well worth it (yes, I bought one!) because it is chic, excellent quality and will pass the test of time. And it looks great with platform sandals. Happy back-to-school shopping darling girl!

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Miranda said...

I have that Banana Republic dress! Good to know that I am following a She She style trend! I have been searching for a pair of boots that would look good with it. I am on the short side, so the dress hits quite a bit my below my knee. I am looking for boots that don't make me look like I am headed into the Amazon. Any ideas!