Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Teeny, Tiny Closet

Susie said...
I love your suggestions! However, my closet is tiny and narrow (2ft wide x 3 feet deep). Any suggestions for best maximizing the space in a tiny closet??? I'd KILL for a closet like yours, She She Me!!!

Wow, that is a tiny closet! Your best bet would be to maximize your stacking space and minimize your hanging space. By that I mean hang only those items of clothing that absolutely must be hung. (Nice dresses, gowns and blouses, etc.) Anything at all that can be folded and stacked should be. Get a free-standing coat-rack for all of your coats, jackets and sweatshirts and put it in the corner of the room. Make use of closet floor space by using stackable shelves and cubes. Your closet is a little deeper than normal, so one thing you can do is get deeper portable shelves and stack things double-deep, putting off-season clothes behind current season clothes, then rotate them as needed.

Another good idea is to get those over-the-door shoe hangers for the inside of your closet door. Because your closet is so deep, you won't smush your clothes by having your shoes hanging against the inside of the closet door. This frees up floor space and shelf space for folded sweaters, trousers, tees, etc.

If you have the space in your bedroom or somewhere else out-of-the-way in your apartment, a mobile laundry center is a fabulous solution for extra hanging space. You could even put it in the corner of your bedroom and screen it off with a folding room screen.

Another storage idea, instead of having a nightstand by the side of your bed, use a small dresser. This gives you drawer storage as well as tabletop area for alarm clock, phone, candles, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Amy Hartman said...

I have an odd-shaped double-deep closet; half of it's over 4 ft deep x 30 inches wide.
The door's bifold, so door-hanging gadgets won't fit. Rods and shelves are on the back wall, and it's too narrow to install the rod on the long side. If I put much on the long wall near the door, I won't be able to get at the back, so the front six square feet has been almost useless. I've ordered a 20-pair trouser rack with hinges, so it swings more-or-less flat to the long wall. It should use the space well and keep the back accessible.
I put up a few robe hooks on the other side.

Also, I put a curve of fine chain against a wall with cup hooks, and use it to hold a pair of "teddy bear" slippers against the wall. It was much easier than installing a shelf, and my slippers look kind of like a hunting trophy.