Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chic Shower Style

Hi She She Me!

I'm off to a baby shower this weekend for a dear friend. Eek! I can hardly believe my friends are having babies. It's my first baby shower and am wondering what to wear. Any thoughts? It's still warm here and it will be at someone's home. Alas, the weather won't allow me to wear my new fall boots. :( Thanks! Whitney

Whitney, you lucky girl! A baby shower is indeed a very festive occasion, a party in fact; and a party is always an excuse to get all girlied up. While some girls may be OK with designer jeans, a crisp white blouse and a fabulous pair of heels, it is sometimes a bit intimidating for the mommy-to-be to see her skinny friends in all their skinny glory while she can barely see what color her pedicure is! This is her day, so I would opt for understated elegance: a chic sleeveless dress or perhaps a wrap dress, gorgeous slingbacks and girly accessories. Another great look is a party skirt, a vintage-style blouse, strappy sandals and feminine jewelry. You really can't go wrong with the garden party look at a baby or bridal shower. Best of luck to the new mom and have a fabulous time!

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Annabelle said...

Great ideas! When girls get together it's always fun to dress up! I especially love the idea of party skirts and party dresses. My Nanna used to say "A lady dressed like a lady always acts like a lady", which I have found to be so true! When I am in heels and a pretty dress I tend to be much more refined and self assured than when I am in jeans and a tee. And since a bridal shower or baby shower is always about someone else, it's always best to act on the side of decorum.