Friday, September 01, 2006

Collegiate Chic

One of our darling co-eds asks:

Hey! I will be a freshman in college this Fall. I was wondering what essentials you would recommend to bring as far as clothing and accessories. Thanks!

Well, dear girl, one of the perks about heading off for college is dressing the part (and I don't mean oversize sweatshirts, baggy jeans and ratty tennies!) At a recent college reunion, I was encouraged to see that the better percentage of women on campus were not falling into the grunge trap that often accompanies a somewhat low-on-cash college lifestyle. It is possible to dress stylishly and appropriately on a student budget.

Suggested wardrobe basics:

Jeans, natch. This season it's all about the skinny jean - jeans that can be tucked into boots or worn with flats. However, not everyone is in love with skinny jeans, but that's OK! There are many denim options this season: flares are hot; as are straight leg styles. I would also pick up a pair or two of corduroys and khakis for a change from the ubiquitous denim.

Denim skirt. A must for college. Also, corduroy minis are hot. Don't let cool weather hold you back - pair those skirts with this season's must-have leggings and ankle boots.

Tee shirts. A given on any college campus. Luckily, there are so many darling tees out there that you will have no problem showing your own personal style. Sweaters make a much more fashionable statement than sweatshirts (save those for the football game). A denim jacket and a wool peacoat should carry you through the cold weather.

Plaid is also very of-the-moment. Skirts, jackets, vests and even totes! And speaking of totes, messenger bags make a great change from that basic backpack/bookbag. Here's one that is roomy enough for your laptop and a few books, and easy to sling over your shoulder!

Sweater dresses are a great item to have in your college wardrobe. They are so versatile! Worn with skinny jeans and platforms, leggings and boots, or even dressed up with opaque tights and killer heels (college life does include the occasional need to get dressed up!)

Most likely, you will be doing a great deal of walking to and from classes, library, dorm, etc. A good pair of flat boots will go far this fall. They can be work with jeans, skirts, even dresses. Also, ballerina flats are so much more stylish than tennis shoes or flip flops.

One final touch: the newsboy cap is a great solution to those bad-hair mornings (fondly remembering all those late-night "study" sessions). Remember, college is a great time to experiment with developing your own personal style. Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

"It is possible to dress stylishly and appropriately on a student budget."

And then you link to the couture candy website, where a T-shirt costs almost 60 bucks.

Am I missing something here?

She She Me said...

Point taken! However in defense of one of my all time favorite sites (Couture Candy) they have great quality merchandise and I love to shop their sales. As a once-struggling college student on a very limited budget, I found that I would rather have a handful of great quality shirts that could stand up to the abuse of my dorm laundry facilities than a closet full of limp, faded and tatty tees from a discount store. There are many great sites out there that offer top quality merchandise at great prices, such as Bluefly, Zappos, Smartbargains, Overstock and Solestruck. Also, make it a habit to hit the sales areas first. A great source for this is Shop It To Me (, a site devoted to letting you know what is on sale and where. AND it's totally free! Best of luck!