Friday, September 29, 2006

Jeans Options for the Good Guys

Dear She She: This isn't your typical She She question, but hopefully you can understand my dilemma! I have a lovely boyfriend who otherwise dresses perfectly. Except for his jeans. He's still stuck in regular old tapered Levi's. He refuses to even look at men's jeans with any flare! I obviously don't want to hurt his feelings, but I think I could delicately broach the subject if perhaps I had a few straight-leg, non-designer options. Can you help me? Thanks, Jordan

Hello Jordan! Darling girl, I know exactly what you are talking about. Most guys seem to latch onto a particular "look" and feel that it can carry them on into middle age and beyond. (This accounts for the myriad Birkenstock and chino clad guys wandering the streets of the Bay area.) It's always a tough topic to broach, especially without offending said fashion-challenged beau. It takes delicacy, diplomacy and timing. I would suggest a weekend of pizza, action movies and/or football and then and only then a very casual, "Oh, by the way, here's a little something I picked up at the mall yesterday - 40% off!" (Money off is always a bonus in a guy's eyes!) Here are a few very appropriate and non-scary denim choices for your guy:

These standard fit, straight leg, classic rise jeans by Lucky are great. As are these BKE Alec jeans. Button fly, slim fit, dark wash denim. Hollister has a great low rise denim, the Boomer fit. Several different washes to choose from.

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Anonymous said...

Hi She She Me,

I have been through this issue with both my last boyfriend AND my current boyfriend, so I well know what this nice girl is going through! (Note to Original Poster: much easier to change JEANS than to change the GUY. Count yourself lucky if he's a nice guy, first and foremost.)

But enough of that, I know just how painful to the eyes it can be to see the love of your life in bad clothing! I have one word: Target.

TARGET. My local Target has two walls full of great jeans for guys. My recent guy and I went in there, and while he was buying a pair of cowboy-fit wranglers (ugh), I picked out a nice, dark, slight-boot-cut pair and said, "Here, try these on. I bet you will look really hot in these."

Wonder of wonders, he tried them on, bought them, and wears them! The best part: these "fancy" jeans cost 25.00. He can't complain about the price!