Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One More Winter Wedding Suggestion!

Megan darling, I have one more suggestion for bridesmaid dresses! Chic, sophisticated, and most importantly WARM!! You can pair a gorgeous satin or taffeta skirt (tea length would be absolutely exquisite!) with an elegant wrap top. Go with either a crisp side-tie blouse, or a stylish wrap sweater. (The side wrap is very flattering, much more so than a shrug or front-tie top; and shrugs are sooooo over.) Also, either of these options could be worn with strapless, sleeveless or halter type bridesmaid dresses, providing both coverage and warmth, and removed when things heat up at the reception or on the dance floor. One of my co-workers actually paired a yoga-style wrap top with a beautiful taffeta skirt, then wrapped a coordinating taffeta scarf around her waist and tied it in a big bow on the side. Positively divine!


paperdaisy said...

I love the idea of the wrap blouse, because I would definitely be able to wear the blouse again and again. And if the skirt were not too "bridesmaid" looking I could use it again too. I have at least five bridesmaid dresses hanging in my closet that I will NEVER wear again - not in a million years! But this is such a chic ensemble I think it would definitely get some more use.

Ariel said...

I just went to a wedding last weekend and the maid of honor had on the most gorgeous lace wrap-front blouse with a silk jersey spaghetti strap dress. It was very elegant and very chic. So much nicer than those cupcake looking bridesmaid dresses that you often see!