Tuesday, September 05, 2006

To shrug or not to shrug?

Hi She she, I am a huge admirer & always refer to shesheme.com
with fashion dilemmas. My question is about shrug/bolero sweaters.
I know the ones that tie are out, but are the regular plain shrugs
totally over? I have not seen any in the new Fall collections.
Seeking your
advice, Blakely

Hi Blakely, While the shrug seems to have been relegated to the way-back of the closet, the good news is that the bolero is still strong for fall. Several of my favorite designers, Zac Posen, Alice Roi, BCBG Max Azria, Luella, Ellie Saab, Michael Kors to name a few, all featured boleros in their Fall 2006 runway lines. This season, however, the bolero has taken on the look and feel of a cropped jacket or swing jacket, and not necessarily a sweater. More loose and flowing, less fitted, in fabrics from cashmere and leather to wool and even fur.

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Whitney said...

Hi She She Me!

I'm off to a baby shower this weekend for a dear friend. Eek! I can hardly believe my friends are having babies. It's my first baby shower and am wondering what to wear. Any thoughts? It's still warm here and it will be at someone's home. Alas, the weather won't allow me to wear my new fall boots. :(