Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Winter Wedding Attire

Hi SheShe! I've been a fan for a couple of years now - love your suggestions and creativity with fashion. OK, here's the problem. My younger sister is getting married at the end of December, but she can't figure out what she wants to have her bridesmaids wear (I'm one of them, and thankfully she's letting me suggest things; but she has good taste, so I wasn't too worried!) Her colors are champagne and a pale green, and we will be out in the cold for about an hour, at least, for pictures, so we'll need coverups or something. The main thing is that she's on a strict budget because she and her husband are in college. Any ideas? I know this is asking a lot, but even style suggestions would be great (and we can try to find better bargains from there). Thanks! Megan

A winter wedding - how fabulous! And I absolutely adore the color selection - très elegant. I hope your sister is going with a really bold floral accent color (deep burgundy or black/red roses come to mind) to add some drama to the color scheme. But I digress. Bridesmaid dresses are what we are after here, right? There are a lot of great bridal websites and sources online for inexpensive, but gorgeous, bridesmaid dresses. One option is to go to prom dress sites or shops, because prom dresses are generally less expensive than gowns found in wedding shops. As far as the outdoor photos, the bridesmaids could wear short velvet capes with satin ribbon ties. That way you can choose basically any style of bridesmaid dress (sleeveless, strapless, halter, etc.) for the ceremony and reception, but not have the girls turn into frilly popsicles while taking photos. Capes and capelets are very simple and inexpensive to make, and since they are a fashion staple this fall and winter they are available in many retail and online shops. A soft, champagne velvet or even a faux fur, with pale green satin ribbon ties would be gorgeous. Another option would be for the bridesmaids to wear elbow length satin gloves, and matching satin bolero jackets with their dresses. If the ceremony itself is being held in a chapel or synagogue, the bolero also provides a bit more modesty for the religious service, and can be removed for the reception and dancing. The gloves add elegance, and also warmth! One final option, a luxurious silk pashmina, which could be wrapped casually around the shoulders for warmth, and could also serve as a very elegant bridesmaid gift (one that would also be used time and time again!)

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Charlotte said...

LOVE the capes! I always wanted to get married in the winter so that I could wear a cape (but I want one with a hood and ermine trim and I want it all the way to the ground - like Belle on Beauty and the Beast!) I love the idea of velvet though - so sophisticated and WARM at the same time.