Friday, October 27, 2006

Equestrian Style Boots

Annabelle asks:
I absolutely LOVE the equestrian style boots. They are so classic! Most of them tend to be very flat however, or with just a tiny bit of a heel. Since I am quite short and flat boots tend to make me look like a midget, I would like to find a pair with a higher heel. Any suggestions?

This darling pair of equestrian style boots by Bally are perfect for you Annabelle! They have the classic styling of a riding boot, but with an elongated toe and higher heel for a more feminine feel. For a more casual type boot, check out these by Peter Kaiser. I love the buckle detail, and the heel height is manageable.

Another great choice, and a bargain at the sale price, is this pair by DKNY. The styling is classic, and the stacked heel gives height as well as stability.


Rolski said...

Are, equestrian boots...

I used to ride horses a lot, so I owned some ankle-high jodphur boots. Used to jump off the horse and do whatever it is I needed to do for the day, so I got used to wearing them.

These days I wear nothing else!

For day to day, I tend to wear a pair of jodphur boots with Doc Marten soles. Dress shoes are some lovely shiny Jodphur Boots from some French bootmaker. Then I have cowboy boots for fun.

It's just in case I ever find myself having to jump on a horse again... As often happens in the office.

Nigel said...

As my wife happens to tell me; the fact that she rides too is a bonus! But she does love wearing her pair more than any other. She must have had the same pair of Equestrian Boots now for a good few years. & because they’re equestrian boots, they’re hard wearing and durable too.

nblackthorn said...

Nigel should get the boot!

I'll try and do a successful link to some Equestrian Boots now.

Back to basics for me!

She She Me said...

Bless you Nigel for taking responsibility! Excellent source for equestrian boots - much thanks!