Sunday, October 08, 2006

Ivy League Fashion for the Big Game

Dear She She Me,
I am having a fashion dilemma. My fiancé and I are going to the Harvard vs. Yale football game in November, and I am at a loss as to what to wear! I live in the South, so my wardrobe lacks great cold weather clothing. Also, I have never been to Boston, so I am not sure what the style is there. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Southern Girl Headed to Harvard

Well, dear girl, from the sound of things you should definitely wear crimson! (Am assuming you are Harvard fans; if not, change that to navy blue!) This is "The Game" and you will find a very definitely divided crowd, sartorially speaking. Everyone will be sporting their school colors so you may as well join in the fun! Just promise me that you won't paint half your face.

It will definitely be cold, and you will be spending hours outdoors, so dress accordingly. Flashing back to an extremely frostbitten derrière at the Northwestern v. Purdue game a few years ago, I have just one suggestion: Jockey No Panty Line Promise Thermals. These are not your brother's thermals! These are exquisite. Extremely thin, extremely comfortable and extremely warm! Thin enough to wear under your snuggest jeans and guaranteed to keep you nice and toasty. Also, they come in several colors and can be worn as leggings too!

Dress in layers. A turtleneck (silk or cashmere is warmest), warm sweater, and jeans with a little stretch (comfort is the rule of the day!) topped off with a toasty shearling coat, or even a soft down jacket. Don't forget a scarf, warm knit cap (this is a good way to show your school colors) and warm gloves. Comfortable boots (fleece lined for warmth) are a good choice because they are not only warm, but protective.

Don't forget your sunglasses, and sunscreen if it's a sunny, warm day. I would opt for a large tote bag or perhaps even a stylish backpack for your girly paraphernalia (including a rain poncho, umbrella and large trash bag to slide over your stadium seat if it rains).

Go team!

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College Girl said...

Love the suede car coat! I actually saw a gorgeous one at Target over the weekend. Actual suede! Good price too. So much more chic than a sweatshirt. I'm all for supporting your school and wearing school colors, so a suede and shearling coat, great jeans, snuggly turtleneck and a scarf in my school colors is the way I'm going to hit the fall football games!