Sunday, October 08, 2006

Skinny Boots

Hi there!

Quick question. I am a tall girl with skinny legs, with the teeniest calves ever. So, I love tall boots because they are always stylish, but I can never find a pair that fit my calves. Oh sure, you can have them expanded if you have bigger calves, but the only way to fix the opposite problem is to take the boots to a leather guy and have them taken in for a few hundred dollars. Of course this limits my options for types of boots I can purchase. Do you know of a boot company that makes narrow calved boots, or a place that maybe lets you order the calf size? Before you ask, no, the stretchy boots don't work either. They end up looking like scrunch socks from the 80s. HELP! Thanks, Gen

Hi Gen,

One of the girls here at the office has amazingly skinny calves, and she swears by Charles David Crave boots. They have an amazingly narrow calf, just 12 inches. The Steve Madden Luciah is also a good choice. The lace tie top is an added bonus for style and a more snug fit. Both of these boots have a leather upper, which makes for a much better quality boot.

Another possibility is the Frida by Nina. The upper is a man made suede, but the circumference is only 11 inches. Very snug fit.

However, if you want the absolute perfect fit in boots, and are willing to pay a little extra, and wait a little longer for delivery (they come from the UK) then check out Duo Boots, for custom made boots.

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paperdaisy said...

Perfection! I have heard about Duo and am anxious to try them. The boots on their site look very stylish and top quality. The Charles David Crave boots look like a really good option too.