Sunday, November 26, 2006

Post Pregnancy Style

She She Me,
I am in need of direction as a first time mom for post pregnancy attire. I have lost all but a few pounds back to normal; however, my tops seem too small and I am in between sizes on the bottom half. Can you recommend some classy outfit suggestions until my body gets back to normal at a very reasonable price? I am used to dressing classy daily, but now all I find myself in are house pants and whatever old tops I have that fit. Help!
Lost Wardrobe Identity

Congratulations dearest girl! Not only on your new little bambina or bambino, but on getting back down to that pre prego weight (or very nearly there). You are the envy of many a new mom indeed! You may find, however, that many of your more fitted tops will remain too tight or too small while you are still breast feeding. Also, the possibility that your ribcage expanded to accomodate the pregnancy, and it may not return to its normal size, as happened with my friend Pretty Mama. She said that none of her button front tops would fit after she had her baby! Here are a few suggestions to get you back to your usual chic style:

I would suggest clothes that are simple in color and in style. A great pair of dark trousers in a fabric with a little stretch; or perhaps a pair with the added benefit of a tummy control panel. Stick with flat front - stay away from pleats! Same thing for a skirt.

Today's empire tops and tunic tops are very classy and also a little more forgiving while you are still losing those last few pounds. Sweaters should be deep v-neck, layered over a cami or tissue tee, this takes the emphasis away from the bustline (which probably doesn't need any emphasis at this point!) Another great choice would be a wrap style top. It gives the illusion of a waist even if yours is temporarily missing in action. Also, a fitted jacket or blazer in a classic style. Stay away from short cropped or boxy styles, and if you are like most new moms, the sands have shifted a bit!

It may be true that black and other dark colors are slimming, but also remember that patterned shirts can hide those little baby spit up stains! (Not to mention leaking breast milk.)

Don't forget shoes and accessories! You may want to go with low wedges or flats while you are toting around a little one. Ankle boots are especially great for comfort and support. Also, a great tote bag will look chic and update any outfit.


Anonymous said...

I, too, suffered from the dreaded rib expansion! In fact, my sternum separated and I went from a 34 to a 36 bra size (although, unfortunately when I stopped nursing I went from a C to a B!) There is truth in the statement about the sands shifting! I think everything shifted south on me. I swear by the trousers with tummy panels, and I LOVE my Spanx! I also love the fact that the empire waist and tunic tops are in style because they have totally saved me. I swore I would never be one of the sweatshirt/sweatpants moms and now I don't have to be! I can still be stylish even if I still have a poochy tummy and saddlebags - and dressing nicely now encourages me to keep working at losing the weight and redistributing those inches!

Chubbymommy said...

A friend told me that if I breastfed I would burn so many calories that I wouldn't need to worry about dieting and losing weight to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It has NOT worked like that at all! I have hung on to every single excess pound! (Well, maybe not all, but I can't seem to lose the last ten pounds!!!) Am I destined to look like a sausage forever now?