Monday, November 13, 2006

Taming Static-head

Dear SheSheMe, I am having horrid trouble with static and my hair this fall, as I have had every other year as the seasons start to cool down! I adore wearing cozy turtlenecks and coats with furry collars, but every time I wrap a scarf around my neck, my hair absolutely goes awry! I have tried using more product, less product, no product, etc., but to no avail. My hair is straight and shoulder length, and I do use a hair dryer every morning. What suggestions do you (or Girly, perhaps?) have for my scary, static dilemma? Please help! Thank you!!! Sincerely, Dana

Hey there, chick-pea! I’ve been thinking about your predicament and have come up with the following ideas to de-shock your hair. I’ve had this problem before and was able to discover the culprit: my hair brush! Yes, my paddle brush was giving me Einstein mane. Part of the problem was that I hadn’t been cleaning the hair out of my brush often, but I now do it religiously and have found that it makes a huge difference. Another huge help - my ion hair dryer. It dries my hair super fast, leaving it silky, shiny and static free!

Truth be told, there are many things that can electrify your hair. Aside from cleaning out/replacing your hair brush, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that I think will keep your hair under control - wool coats, turtle necks and all. Your hair probably suffers from one of two things: dryness or product build-up.

To combat dryness, first be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Dry hair is crazy hair! I would also suggest a deep conditioning treatment once a week. Just keep the moisture within reason.

If you suspect a product build-up, it’s possible you are simply not rinsing your hair sufficiently before hopping out of the shower. This has been a thorn in my side on more than one occasion. However, I have a new method for rinsing my hair that has yet to let me down! Instead of rinsing your hair as you usually would, rinse in sections. Let the water rinse the top layer of hair, then lift that top layer—as if you were going to put your hair half up. Rinse that under layer and maybe even a third layer. This way you will be sure to get all of the conditioner out and won’t end up with static or greasy hair. Also, try a shampoo specifically made to combat product buildup. I use Paul Brown Clarifying Shampoo once a week to keep my hair from turning into a product timeshare!

Another fabulous help is a great leave-in conditioner. I love this one because it adds body and movement as well as controls static. It is a serum, so a little goes a long way.

And don’t think me crazy for this one: keep a fabric softener sheet handy! It’s a trick I learned a few years ago—when hair starts to stand on end, run that anti-static sheet over it. Works on clothes; works on hair! You might want to go with a softly or non-scented sheet so you won’t smell of laundry all day. Unless of course you just love the smell of clean clothes!

Hope this helps you, Dana!



Anonymous said...

yep, I can vouch for the fabric softner sheet idea. it works!

Paper Daisy said...

I keep those fabric softener sheets in my handbag and in my car glove box. I use them all the time on clothing, but I have never used them on my hair! Can't wait to try that one out. I CAN attest to the anti-product-buildup shampoos however. I was having all sorts of trouble with static-y hair AND flat lifeless hair. I tried the Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo and I swear my hear actually weighted less when I was done. It must have stripped off seven layers of goop because my hair was full and shiny and extremely manageable. Now I use it once a week. I don't think you should use it more often than that because it probably strips the natural oils as well.

mirabelle said...

I can't believe how much more manageable my hair has been since I have been doing the segmented rinsing thing! It really gets your hair squeeky clean and I don't have to use the Anti-buildup shampoo as often (it tends to REALLY dry out my hair).