Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Very Wide Legged Pants

Hi She She! I am a plus size woman and I purchased a pair of wide legged, and I mean wide legged pants. Now, my question is, is it OK for plus size women to wear these pants, and if so, can we wear flats or must it be heels only? And can I wear a shirt and vest with these pants? Thanks! Zelda B.

Hi Zelda! Believe it or not, a wide leg from top to bottom can create a long, slimming line no matter what your height. Most women do tend to wear heels with wide legged pants because the excess fabric tends to swish back and forth when you are walking and can fray along the bottom if it drags. Heels, even a mid or platform heel, allow for a little more play in the fabric, and less dragging and fraying. You can wear flats, but make sure the pants are hemmed at least a half inch inch off the floor. And if you choose to wear flats, I would opt for flats with a more pointed toe. Round toes tend to make your legs look stumpy.

A shirt and vest with wide legged pants would be perfectly fine, so long as they are fairly close fitting, with not alot of excess fabric. Volume should only exist in one area; either a voluminous top, like a tunic or oversize sweater, paired with something more form fitting, like skinny jeans or leggings. By the same token, wide legged trousers should be paired with something less voluminous, like a surplice top or fitted blouse.

Another great look, which is very in right now would be a wrap or cross front top. If you have a nice waistline, this style is very flattering, and if you have no waist to speak of, this style can create the illusion of a waistline. A veritable miracle worker!

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Rubinesque in Racine said...

I'm a plus size girl and I have never dared try the wide legged trousers, but now I think I might! I think it also depends on what you pair with them. I really like the wrap tops and they way they make your waist look small.