Saturday, December 16, 2006

Age Appropriate Style

Help! I just turned 54 and do not know how to pull together an age appropriate style. I have been told by numerous people that I look 30 something and wish to retain that look. Any suggestions?? Thank you, Gale

You are the luckiest of lucky ladies Gale! Thanks your fabulous genes and make the most of your gorgeousness! One suggestion, if you don't subscribe to More, the magazine for women over 40, do is immediately! Fabulous articles and great style suggestions for staying chic through the onslaught of birthdays that come faster and faster each year.

A few suggestions, don't dress too trendy; leave the low rise trousers and sheer blouses on the rack. Instead, aim for sophisticated and chic. An updated version of the classic blazer paired with straight leg jeans or trousers. Or perhaps a wrap front cashmere sweater and knee length skirt paired with boots. Go for classic styles. Structured and semi structured jackets and blazers. Trousers in a straight or wide leg style and straight leg jeans in a mid rise are your best choice; they are classic, flattering and timeless. Chic and sophisticated dresses; take a pass on flounces and frou-frou.

When you are classic and timeless in your basic attire, you can then be a bit more bold in the accessory department. Make a statement with a chunky bracelet, a colorful scarf or a unique necklace. Cinch the waist of your blazer with a leather belt. Invest in a great pair of boots because they will add a touch of class to trousers, suits, and skirts. The most important thing is to show your confidence and enjoy your style and always remember: you're as young as you feel!

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