Sunday, December 24, 2006

Chic Party Attire Defined

Hi She She, I received a party invitation and it was requested that we wear "chic attire". How, exactly, would you define that?

Dearest girl, chic attire is, of course, very chic. (Think satin and velvet, not gabardine and denim.) Chic party attire, therefore, would be a seriously festive party dress. This is the opportunity to break out that once in a lifetime gorgeous beyond belief girly girl party dress. No LBD's here please! I would go for something with a full skirt and flattering bodice; nothing too in your face sexpot, just demurely alluring. Another good choice would be a gown with a more flowing line; chiffon or silk, but again not too much skin. If you choose a halter style, remember that the bare back will be sexy enough, so make sure the halter is not too deep or too bare. Same goes with strapless; keep the cleavage under control. Remember that a suggestion of skin is much more sexy than nearly nekkid!

Perhaps you are not the party dress type? No matter, dearest girl, one of the hottest looks this year is the tuxedo! Go for a gorgous satin or brocade, paired with a seriously feminine blouse and hotter than hot skyscrapers and you are good to go! Party on!

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