Friday, December 29, 2006

Chic Party Attire for MEN

Since She She Me is a women's fashion site, we sometimes forget that the men in our lives are wondering how to dress stylishly too!

Chic party attire for men would generally mean a suit, button down shirt and tie. I am assuming this is an evening event, which always calls for a suit. If the event is a little less formal, your guy could get away with a silk or lightweight cashmere sweater with the suit. Complete the look with trendier lace-up shoes (no slip ons or boots).

Less formal events would call for a blazer and khaki's or sportier trousers, with a nice dress shirt or turtleneck that isn't bulky under the blazer. Loafers or dress shoes to finish.

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newsboy said...

This really helps since I always tend to show up to every event in jeans and a sweater (perpetual college student syndrome). What kind of a suit would you suggest to invest in for someone just starting out in the big bad world of work? Facing many many interviews and and internship this next year.