Saturday, December 09, 2006

Legally Chic

I’m a law student and, over Christmas break, I will be attending my first round of law firm receptions (precursors to interviews and summer jobs). Law firms are notoriously conservative so there’s no way around wearing a suit but that doesn’t mean that I want to show up in a boxy manly ensemble! Can you recommend a brand of suit that has a feminine shape, is available in a petite size, and is youthful looking? Thank you! Jenny

Jenny darling, you are already one step ahead of your legal counterparts because you are thinking ahead. A stylish girl is a confident girl, and a confident girl is a girl who gets the best internships and job offers; ergo, an investment in stylish professional attire is an investment in your future. Try Ann Taylor for a great selection of professional suits with a feminine flair. This great tweed suit with contrasting trim has classic styling with just a little edge.

Another great way to soften the look of a suit is to cinch the waist with a belt or scarf . A leather belt can bump up a classic look, while a colorful scarf adds feminity. Either will allow you to put your own stamp on your style.

You can also put together a great look from stylish separates. Take a pass on the menswear styled blazers. Choose one with a foldover lapel , rounded neckline or even no lapel to move the focus to a more feminine realm. Keep the skirts at knee length for a professional look. (No Aly McBeal minis!) Pair tweeds, herringbones and pattern skirts with solid blazers and jackets. And vice versa!

And, of course, a feminine blouse will do wonders for a classic suit.


Anonymous said...

Thanks SheShe!


Arabella said...

I LOVE the idea about the scarf as a belt. What a chic way to girly up a suit! OR to add a little bit of color to an otherwise dull and drab business look.