Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Très Chic Tourist

Hello She She Me! I'm off for a weekend in London. And I'm super excited. But I have NO IDEA what to bring without packing my entire closet. We will be seeing two West End shows, a few museums and tons of shopping. Most importantly, I DON'T want to look like a tourist. Can you help??

Can I come too? I adore London! For the trekking to and fro, museums and shopping I have one word for you: FLATS! Save yourself the trauma of blisters and sore feet by investing in a couple of pair of very chic flats for everyday wear. NOT tennis shoes, nothing screams tourist like tennies! Opt for a pair of ballerinas in a sleek leather, and a more casual pair of skimmers. They can be paired with a variety of trousers, jeans or skirts for daytime wear.

Travel packing need not be as traumatic as one tends to imagine, especially if it is just for a long weekend. Keep it simple by keeping it neutral for basics: a pair of jeans (perhaps two), a pair of dress trousers, and a knee length skirt. A great LBD will give you a reason to go to a fab restaurant! A dressy blazer for the theatre (paired with either the dress trousers or the skirt) and a casual jacket for daytime. A cashmere sweater to wear with jeans or trousers, a dressier blouse for evening and a casual top for sightseeing.

Don't forget a chic yet roomy tote for carrying the day's shopping, and a dressier clutch or mini for evening. When I travel, I tend to leave the accessories at home, that way I have a legitimate reason to pick up gorgeous earrings, bracelets, necklaces and scarves as souvenirs of my trip!

How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist: NO tennis shoes, NO fanny packs, NO sweatshirts, NO track suits, NO giant tote bags. Now go make us proud!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, what about a two week trip? Same location (plus countryside), same activites (plus some leisurely cycling). This will be in spring, also. I'd love to pack as light as possible but looking great is important, too!
Thanks for your help!