Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What to Wear With Ankle Boots

Hello!! I was wondering what will best match with ankle boots? I recently got a pair of black ankle boots with a 2 inch neel. I'm not a short girl, and I was wondering what will look good with the ankle boot?

Phoebe Dearest Phoebe, you are right on trend with ankle boots, and they are much more versatile than you might first imagine! I, myself, am a serious ankle boot devotee. One of the season's hottest looks is a knee length skirt, opaque tights or leggings and ankle boots. Add a belted jacket or a wrap sweater and you are good to go! Ankle boots also look great with skinny jeans, because the hem of the jean can tuck right down inside the boot. Same with bootleg jeans or skinny dress trousers. Ankle boots also look fabulous with cropped trousers or even wide legged trousers. Another great option is a longer skirt, but not too long. Keep the hem at least three inches above the top of the boot, otherwise the skirt tends to get snagged on the boot top. Looks to stay away from with ankle boots: short skirts, bare legs, dressy dresses and socks that are visible above the top of the boot.

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