Monday, January 08, 2007

How the Chic Wear Leggings

Hi She She Me! I received a pair of long black leggings for Christmas and I was wondering if you could tell me what will look good with them. Thanks!!

As you well know, leggings are this seasons hottest trend. Practical as well as stylish in this nippy weather! One of my favorite looks is a great sweaterdress or belted tunic, leggings and ankle boots. Another option is a short denim or corduroy skirt with an oversize sweater and T-straps or Mary Janes to complete the ensemble.

If skirts aren't your cup of tea, this season's fabulous cropped trousers look fantastic when worn with leggings and platform pumps. Comfortable and versatile leggings!

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flirtygirl said...

I have found that leggings have opened up an entirely new avenue of fashion for me. I can now wear shorter skirts (which I would NEVER wear before) and not feel self conscious. They are also very slimming!