Monday, January 15, 2007

Wrap Dresses for Work

I love the look of Wrap Dresses but I work in a pretty conservative environment and have a hard time wearing any wrap top without revealing too much of myself. Any suggestions for dresses that have a little more coverage and are affordable?

As you well know, I am a wrap dress afficianado. Nothing is more flattering to almost any figure type than a wrap dress. However, they do have a tendency to be revealing. My solution is a lovely camisole or scoop neck shell worn underneath. This way you don't ruin the line of the dress by pinning the neckline together, and you get plenty of coverage so the dress looks crisp and professional. Also, look for a dress or top with the tie higher up - not exactly at the waist. Many of the faux wrap dresses and tops have a higher neckline, because they are sewn together at the neck or shoulder.

As far as the skirt of the dress, this is where the mock-wrap dress or a dress with a surplice neckline is best. The skirt gives the illusion of being a wrap skirt, but without that pesky peek-a-boo skirt (especially in the wind!) because it is actually sewn together at the side seam, and the wrap is a faux wrap panel. I have taken a couple of my wrap dresses to a trusted tailor, who has sewn an extension panel to the inside portion of the wrap skirt, then has secured this extension panel to the side seam of the dress. I still have the movement and flow of a wrap dress, and the continuous clean skirt line, but not the underwear-revealing open flap! It also solves the problem of whether to wear a slip or not!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Still looking for some pretty affordable options if others have ideas!

Anne said...

Love your "shesheme" site, mall and the blog! Great picks you have it there! Based on your picks, I think you might like Apples2apple... Care to swap a link with us so we can visit you more often?

Anne said...

Just want to drop in say "thank you for add me!"

You have a wonderful day!


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And ... Shesheme will be featured in one of my recent post "new and cool blogs". I will forward you the link once it's up.