Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Pedicure

Dear SheShe,

Here it is towards the end of winter and my toenails need some spiffing up! What toenail polish colors are in for now and for later when Spring really hits? I'm tired of the French manicure. Thanks! Christina

Hi Christina! There is nothing like a fresh coat of varnish to put a girl in mind of spring, especially after slogging it out all winter in boots and pumps. This spring the colors run the gamut from palest sheer pink to a scandalous black with a red undertone. My friends at Orly have provided you with all you need to get through this spring and well into summer with the 6-pack Divorcée collection, containing six shades of creme and shimmer. Don't worry, you don't have to be divorced to wear it!

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Amanda said...

I am wearing "Take Him to the Cleaners" right now and I LOVE it! It looks black, but in the sunlight it has a deep red glint. Perfect for a pedicure!