Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fabulous Full Figured Fashion

Dear She She, First, thank you so much for keeping us all so well buffed, polished, coiffed and entertained! I would love to see some information with chic work and weekend wear for the full figured girls...I know that someone with as many gal pals as you have must have one or two in the bunch who are not skinny chic, but who nevertheless have a She She sense of style. Keep up the hard is all appreciated! Robin in Austin

Hi Robin!
Thank you for you ever kind words dearest girl, and yes, I am blessed with many, many girlfriends and they come in all shapes and sizes. It is possible, and affordable, to be stylish no matter the size of your jeans. There are a few things to keep in mind. Wear clothing that is age appropriate and figure friendly. Personally, I find super-low rise jeans and trousers extremely unflattering, uncomfortable (and downright risque!) no matter one's size. Butt-cleavage is never attractive! At the same time, steer clear of the current (and I predict quickly passing) trend for high waisted pants as they are also very unflattering to a girl with curves (they tend to cut you in half) A great mid-rise jean in a style like Joe's Jeans Honey is ideal for the curvy girl. Here are a few other tips for jeans and trouser shopping:
  • Trouser jeans are a good choice, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the event or occasion.
  • Boot-cut is also a universally flattering fit. Be sure to try on several different pair until you find the right boot-cut style for your figure.
  • Wide-legged jeans and trousers are great for women with larger thighs; be sure the fabric drapes smoothly and does not look bulky, and that the pant falls straight down from the widest point, just above the hip.
  • Too big is almost as bad as too small. Embrace your curves and dress to flatter, not to hide.
  • Darker wash jeans are universally more flattering.
  • A little stretch goes a long way. Even 1% lycra in your jeans or trousers will help with the fit and comfort.

Blouses and tops can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially if you are well-endowed. The first order of business is to get thee a proper fitting brassiere! This will make a world of difference in the fit of your blouses, sweaters and dresses. I love Bloomies because they have women in the lingerie department would know everything about bra fitting and will guide you every step of the way!

For button-down blouses, Rebecca & Drew makes a great line of blouses sized by your bra cup size so they don't gap open. Another trick is to buy a blouse that fits properly in the bust, then have it tailored. For sweaters and knits, go with a lighter gauge, nothing bulky. Cashmere and silk are ideal, and worth the expense because they stand the test of time.

Dresses: As everyone knows, I adore the wrap-style dress. These are particularly flattering to curvy girls because they emphasize your narrowest part, the waist, and flatter your bust while skimming over your hips. Keep your dresses at the knee or just below. Any higher looks tarty, and mid-calf looks frumpy.

Skirts: A-line is fabulous and flattering. Stay away from too many ruffles and large pleats. I also adore a long, floaty skirt; very chic, very summery and very flattering.

Some of our favorite online sites: Torrid, Avenue, The Woman Within, Jessica London, J. Jill, Soft Surroundings.

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