Friday, June 29, 2007

Looking Hot in Vegas

Hi! Seems you've been answering a lot of Vegas-related questions lately, and I have one of my own! I'm a late 40's mom, 5 feet 8 inches, 147 pounds, in good shape, told to be "young" for my age! Any specific suggestions for attractive evening apparel for wearing in Las Vegas? I love dresses, and love the suggestions you've made to other readers, but wondering what you think would look great and appropriate at my age. Thank you so much!

Yes me dear girl, Vegas seems to be the venue of choice these days! Since I absolutely love any excuse to get all girlied up, I have some fabulous ideas for great evening wear for you. Rule number one: just like they say in "What Not To Wear", no mini-skirts after 35, so stick with gowns and skirts that hit right at the knee, or just below. You can get away with tea length dresses and skirts if you have slender calves, otherwise go with knee length or floor length.
If you have great arms, go with a sexy halter-style dress. The halter-style is very flattering, as long as it is not too plunging (then you just look like you are trying too hard). It also has the added benefit of providing a little more coverage around the side of the bustline and on under the armpit, and can hide some of those gravity-induced sags and bulges that begin to appear as you age. If you are well-endowed, be sure there is adequate fabric in the bodice to ensure that you aren't bursting out all over. A strategically placed brooch or pin can help keep the neckline together if it tends to be too plunging or too bare.
Unless your arms are in very good shape, I would stay away from strapless or spaghetti strap dresses. They tend to dig in to the shoulder area, causing unsightly bulging along the arms, back and neckline. You can still go sleeveless, just opt for a dress with wider, softer straps - perhaps a tank style dress or even a cap sleeve dress. A floaty skirt and sexy top is also another option. As are palazzo pants and a chic blouse. Finish your ensemble with some fun jewelry.

Footwear is one area you can really play up in Vegas. Metallics, shoes with embellishment and bada bling, patent leather and animal prints - anything goes baby! Just make sure you can walk comfortably! Also, choose a handbag with a little attitude, but preferably one with a shoulder strap or chain strap so you can keep it close.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Figure flattering tops

Dearest She She, I have one more question: what type of tops should I wear to flatter a small chest? Thank you for your help. I'd be lost without you!

I think it's simply fabulous that today's styles are so flattering to so many body types, especially girls with a little less oomph on top (trust me, this is a blessing, especially as gravity takes effect and the girls begin to droop!) I especially love the fact that so many of today's celebrities and public figures are embracing their natural body styles (Kiera Knightley, Kate Hudson, Kate Winslet, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson), which makes me feel so much more comfortable with my own somewhat interesting body shape (thank heaven you only see the animated me!)

Stay away from anything that is really tight or form fitting. Anything in an empire-style is very flattering, as is a top with a bit of ruching or shirring. Another great look is a scoop-neck top or dress with a bit of gathering at the scoop.
Halter-neck styles are also great - in fact, they look best on girls with a smaller bust. Patterns and details work well too. A great floral print top in a floaty chiffon would be fabulous.
Wrap front tops, criss-cross or surplice tops are also good. They tend to add a little more substance to the bustline, as well as emphasize the waist.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Stylish Looks for a Tour of the Wine Country

Hi She She--I am going on vacation with my boyfriend to the Napa Valley in August. I'm not sure of our exact plans, but suffice it to say we're going to visit wineries almost every day, and go out to eat at night. I'm a student, so the majority of my clothes are jeans, t-shirts, and ratty flip-flops. Can you recommend some Napa-appropriate clothing that would be versatile and not ridiculously expensive?

Hey doll! What a fabulous vacation! You will definitely have the time of your life and it is sooooo romantic! One suggestion, if I may? Leave ALL of the jeans, tee's and ratty flip-flops at home and start fresh here.
While Napa has a fairly casual reputation, you will still want to look chic and stylish while trekking to the wineries, sampling the wares and dining al fresco beneath the stars. I would recommend flirty skirts, feminine tops and casual sundresses for the daytime, and dressier sundresses and chic cocktail dresses for evening. No need to max out your credit card here, however. There are several fabulous online sources for stylish fashions at affordable prices.
As for footwear, a pair of flat sandals or wedge sandals is great for daytime and something a little sexier and strappier for evening.
Also, be sure to have a sweater or wrap handy as the evenings in Napa can get chilly, even in August!

Fabulous Cosmetic Bags

Dearest Girls,

I just had to let you know that I have discovered the most amazing cosmetic and travel bags (and diaper bags too) to be found anywhere! They are so amazing in fact, that celebs like Cameron Diaz, Molly Simms and Jennifer Aniston are all toting around the gorgeous cosmetic bags, while Naomi Watts, Isla Fisher and Jenna Elfman have snapped up the fabulous diaper bags!

Since Jimeale is a personal friend of little ole' She She Me, she is offering a 20% discount on any purchase on her website for She She girls! Just enter the code Shesheme at checkout for your discount. Girls, you won't want to miss out on these darling bags. I am going to send one of her darling diaper bags to my sorority sister, who is expecting her first baby this summer. And perhaps one of those darling little snuggle bears too! And while, I'm at it, I think my mom will absolutely love the travel tote. So many choices!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Help! Dress Search

Hi Shesheme...
I'm desperate. Have seen two moms with the CUTEST dress on ever. Slapping myself for not asking them where they got it. Have searched far and wide.... am hoping you can help point me in the right direction! Dress: material looks like linen/rumpled/wrinkled a bit, color is khaki (solid), ruched/shirred bodice, knee length - kind of like those Juicy Couture shirred strapless dresses but different fabric (not terry, but linen/cotton) and also there are wide shoulder straps with a ruffle along the edge...wish I could draw it and email you the pic...
Any thoughts? Wish it were Burberry or J Crew or something but have looked there...
Thanks! heidi

Doesn't that always just drive you nuts? When you see something that you know you will love, but then don't ask where you could get it, or else they answer that they bought it in London two years ago (and you know you'll NEVER get it now!) Let's see what we can do:

This one is pretty close to what you described, though perhaps more on the ivory side than the khaki side, but adorable none-the-less!
Another absolutely darling option is this shirred sundress from Juicy Couture. It is lightweight linen, with a gathered, ruffle-trimmed bodice, an Empire waist and large patch pockets over fluttery side insets. You would be the envy of all the other moms in this one!
A couple of other dresses which are not quite as you described, but in the same basic style: This gorgeous strapless ruched bodice dress in silk eyelet by Diane von Furstenburg. Positively divine.
And finally, a great smocked maxi dress in white cotton - perfect for the beach, or and evening out.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Look of the Day: Madras Bermuda Shorts

Dear She She,

I hope that you can help me. You've been very helpful in the past for me!!! Thanks so much for the advice darling!!!! My question is I have seen the Madras print shorts & absolutely love love them!!! Well, my problem is every time I try to find them they are always the short shorts & I don't want those.. I want bermuda shorts but not have to sacrifice the bold pattern!!!! It seems that all of the bold patterns are on the shorter ones!!! Can you help me? O and by the way they can't be too expensive I'm on a budget.. Thanks so much I hope you can help me!! XOXO Rachael

Yes, dear girl, I know exactly where you can get these most stylish shorts! Check out I actually have this pair and I adore them! The quality is superb, the fit is excellent and they are darling to boot!

Another source is Macy's. They have great bermudas in
plaid, madras and seersucker. Nordstom also has bermudas; this pair is a great bold plaid, though not quite the official madras pattern.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What to Wear When Visiting Vegas (and your boyfriend's parents!)

Dear SheShe,
I know you must receive tons of mail that you can’t respond to, but I hope you will reply to this one because it’s a very special case. I live in Iowa and I’m going to Las Vegas for a week at the end of June to visit my boyfriend who moved back in with his parents over a month ago after he graduated. It’s my first time visiting Vegas, so I don’t know what to expect in terms of how to dress for the heat and all the attractions. It’s also my first time seeing my boyfriend in over a month, and I won’t be seeing him again for another 2 months afterward, so I need to make a very hot, lasting impression! However, I’ve also got to take into consideration that I’ll be staying at his parents’ house, so I’d like to keep it classy. And of course, I’m on a budget, so I’d really like for all my outfits to go from day to night. I’m thinking dresses would be cute, easy, and keep me cool…I just don’t know which styles would be best to go from day to night and still be classy! I know you can help me out as you’ve done so fabulously for so many others…thank you so much

What fun! You must be so excited to see your boyfriend after so long, and you will definitely want to make a great impression on him and his parents. You are on the right track with the idea of dresses. Las Vegas is extremely hot, dry and often windy; but the hotels, restaurants, casinos and malls are air conditioned to the point of frostbite, so I would suggest that you keep a light wrap or sweater handy too.

For day-to-night dressing, I would go with a classic sundress. Something in a tank style, or with wider shoulder straps, even a wide halter-strap style would do very well. These styles are casual enough for day wear, but girly enough for dinner and a show. Also, since you are going to be staying with your boyfriend's parents, you won't want to be strutting around in anything that is too clingy or too skimpy. Nothing too short or too bare. Thing simple, classy and chic. Keep your footwear about mid-heel height; you will be doing a lot of walking around! I would go with a strappy sandal, or perhaps a comfy yet stylish slide.

There are many fabulous sources for dresses and shoes at affordable prices, especially online. Check out dELiAs, Chadwick's, Forever 21, Target, Newport News and Macy's for fantastic dresses at really great prices. For shoes, I absolutely love Zappos and they ship both ways for free.
Best of luck and have a ball in Vegas!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Hi She She,
A close friend from college is getting married this summer, and a few girls are meeting in Vegas next weekend for some quality girl time. There are 6 of us, we’re all very close, and it is shaping up to be more R&R than T&A, so I need some packing tips for sunning, shopping, and casino hopping at night. Ideas?? (PS, I’ll write back at the end of the summer for what to wear for the wedding weekend…)

A girl's weekend away is always the right thing to do, and so is staying stylish while you're at it. Right now it is very, very toasty in Vegas, which means that all of the malls, shops and casinos will be chilled to the max. Therefore, I would highly recommend layering your look so you can remain cool, calm and sophisticated even at 105 degrees!

For sunning, it's all about the bikini baby! Having recently spent a weekend in Vegas I can attest to the fact that they come in all shapes and sizes, and nowhere on earth do the girls flaunt it more than in Vegas. Be sure to keep a coverup handy. Toss a sassy sundress over your swimsuit and slip into a pair of dressy slides and you are good to go for a poolside bistro lunch. Don't forget the SPF - sun at those temperatures can really take its toll on a girl's skin.

For shopping, a chic skirt and feminine top is a great way to go. As would be a light cotton or silk sundress. Keep it simple to aid in comfort as well as ease in the changing rooms. (Vegas has fabulous shopping!) You will find that skirts and dresses keep you much cooler in desert climates than shorts or crops. Take along a light sweater or jacket because the temperature change from outside to inside is often as much as 35-40 degrees. A roomy tote or satchel is perfect for hauling those little extras that you will need - water bottle, sunscreen, sweater, etc.)

While you will definitely find a wide variety of fashions in the casinos and evening shows (including the dreaded socks-with-sandals and fanny-pack), this is your chance to pull out all the stops. I would go with a slinky cocktail gown and metallic strappy sandals. Or perhaps even a gown in a beaded or metallic fabric and a gorgeous pair of patent peeptoe slingbacks. Also, the bling factor is quite prevalent in Vegas so go with the flow! And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (if you're lucky!)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Stylish Summer Job

Hi She She! This summer I will be working at a camp for preschoolers. I know that most camp counselors wear big T-Shirts and shorts all the time and I would like to dress a little more stylishly possibly with a fun twist. Clothes that are washable and not too revealing yet not too covered up would be ideal. Any advice? Also, if you could recommend a bag that would fit my bathing suit, towel, lunch, etc would be great! Thanks!

What a fun summer job! And I totally agree with you, just because you are hanging with the little peeps this summer doesn't mean you have to dress like one! While shorts are always a good choice for summer camp, make sure they provide proper coverage (not too short, not too low) and allow good movement. You can opt for a sporty chic look with a pair of bermudas, a girly knit top and comfy sporty flats.

Another great look would be a pair of trim capris or crops and a feminine blouse in a breathable cool cotton. Keep your footwear simple, comfortable (you will most likely be chasing and being chased by little ones a great deal of the time) and also waterproof!

As far as tote bags go, I love this canvas bag because it has a center divider inside as well as many pockets so it is easy to keep organized. It is also very roomy, and can be tossed into the washing machine as needs be.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Chicago Summer Style

Dear SheShe, I'm a 2007 high school grad. I'm going to Chicago at the end of June for my senior trip. What are the best things to wear when site seeing and enjoying Chicago without looking like a tourist. I also have the added challenge of being plus-size. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Heather

Darling Heather, you have definitely come to the right source for advice! Having spend many a sultry summer in the Windy City, I can tell you exactly what NOT to wear, as well as suggest some fabulous ensembles to see you through your trip in style.

First off, stay away from synthetic fabrics, as it tends to start getting sticky and humid toward the end of June in Chicago. Stick with 100% cotton, linen, and silk to stay airy and comfortable. For sight-seeing, to stay cool and comfortable I would suggest a stylish skirt and breezy top, paired with comfortable sandals and a roomy tote for gathering trinkets and souvenirs. However, as it's epithet suggests, Chicago is indeed a windy city (but in June it is more along the lines of refreshing breezes off Lake Michigan rather than those Sears-Tower-swaying gusts of late November), however the combination of lake breezes and the Chicago grid-system of streets has a tendency to form wind-tunnels, especially in and around The Loop. Therefore, you may want to stick with an a-line skirt or a denim skirt, which won't fly up and flash your Hanky Panky's in the breeze.

Another great option would be a cotton tunic over a pair of capris or bermuda shorts, and chic flats to finish. When wearing an item of clothing that is loose, such as the tunic, always pair it with something that fits more closely to the body. The reverse is also true. If you choose a pair of wide legged trousers, or a floaty skirt, wear a top or tee that is more fitted, but not tight.

For evenings, a great wrap dress is always chic and stylish, as well as comfortable and classic. The wrap style is particularly flattering to plus size girls, as it emphasizes your narrowest point and gives you a nice waistline. Finish off with strappy sandals and a fun bracelet and earrings and you are good to go!

Tips to avoid looking like a tourist: No fanny packs, no tee shirts with slogans, no track suits, no clompy tennies, no camera slung around your neck! Have a blast dearest girl!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sassy School Style

Dear she she, I need some fashion tips for school and basketball. I don't even now what to wear any more. I really need your help. I dress just weird, so please help me. Can you help me with this style problem?

Dearest Girl! Have no fear, we will point you in the right direction and get you on the road to sassy style in no time! First of all, when it comes to school you can never go wrong in a great pair of jeans. Just make sure you choose a style that flatters your figure.

Now, when one thinks of jeans, one immediately thinks of tees. But not you!!! No, dear girl, you are going for a more stylish look, so pair your jeans with an empire top and a crop jacket. Or a figure flattering wrap top. Another great tip: if you find a blouse that you absolutely adore, but it is a bit too sheer or perhaps too plunging for your comfort level, wear a simple little cami or tank underneath. It does wonders for your confidence when you feel comfortable in your own clothing. A stylish pair of wedges or comfy ballet flats will finish the look.

Don't fall into the jeans-every-day trap that many students do. A crops and capris can fill in your style gaps. Pair them with girly tops and great jackets, cute sandals and y to really put your best style forward is with a sassy skirt. Not too short; you'll want to be able to sit down, bend over to pick up your books, and even run to class on occasion and believe me, no one wants to see your Hanky Panky's! Mid-heel sandals or wedges will complete the ensemble.

As far as attire for basketball, don't go the girl-jock route. Sass it up with stretchy shorts and layered tanks.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Work Appropriate Attire

Dear She She: I have a fashion crisis. I am 24 and work in a State law firm. I am finding it very difficult to find work appropriate clothes for my age. I am finding that things made for my age group are often very poorly made and have extremely low rise, stick figure qualities. On the other hand, most work appropriate clothes are very old looking and over sized. Please help!!! My other issue is and more importantly... apparently all shirts that are being sold at this time are baby doll in style. I am 5' 2", small chested, have a "ghetto" booty and I am short waisted. These shirts make me look pregnant!!! I have talked with several people at work and they are having the same problem. You can't seem to find normal shirts anywhere. Everything is either baby doll, super low cut, strapless or spaghetti strap or extra long (would reach to somewhere between my hips and knees). I am on a very fixed budget but I desperately need work and "date" clothes... Preferably something that could be worn for both. PLEASE HELP!!! I have looked everywhere I know to look! Jennifer

Hi there Jennifer!

First of all, if you are 5'2" I hope you are shopping in the Petites Department! That will make a world of difference in finding clothes that fit properly, especially if you are short waisted. Most major department stores have specific sections just for petites: Nordstrom, Bloomies, Neiman's, Macy's all have Petite Departments. This is especially helpful if you are trying to find a great pair of capris or crops, because they will end at your calf, where they should, and not at the top of your shoe!

One of my favorite shops for work appropriate clothing is Ann Taylor, and they have a fabulous Petite Department. Their trousers are mostly mid-rise, so you can rest assured that your underwear will not be on display when you sit down. They have great dress trousers, which are cut for women with actual thighs and not stick insect legs.

As for tops, a great choice for you would be a wrap style or surplice top. The criss-cross front emphasizes the bustline, as well as the waist. If the wrap front is too plunging you can add a lace trimmed cami underneath for coverage. This also works for any blouse or dress that is super low cut. It really opens up the wardrobe possibilities!
Button down blouses are always a great choice for work wear. Just be certain to choose one that is tailored to skim in at the waist and flare out slightly above the hips. Very slimming and flattering. I also like to choose a button down with just a hint of stretch - so much more comfortable, especially if you are wearing a blazer or jacket.

Fashion Forward Bride-to-Be

Hi She She. I have two questions both concerning the weekend of my wedding. First, our rehearsal dinner is an outdoor BBQ with ALL of our close friends not just the wedding party. I have no idea what to wear because I want to look gorgeous the night before my wedding but not overdressed! Second, we are leaving from the reception to the airport. So I need a leaving outfit. I would like to stay dressy and my hair and makeup will be done and I'll still be the bride, but I need to be able to travel comfortably. Please help! -Krissy

With all the things a busy bride needs to do, stressing over wardrobe shouldn't have to be one of them - so let's see what we can do to help! First of all, my suggestion for the outdoor BBQ is a very feminine sundress. This is a rehearsal dinner after all, not a hoe-down, so leave the jeans and tanks at home. So many great choices! A retro-style sundress with a full skirt would be comfortable and stylish, as would a halter-style dress. You want to exude self confidence, style and elegance (it will help keep your nerves in check too!) For footwear, I would go with a mid-height sandal with a sturdy heel (no stilettos) or perhaps even a wedge since it is outdoors and you may be walking on grass or other uneven surfaces.

For the trip to the airport, once again I would go with a girly dress. As you say, you are still the bride, and I haven't been to a wedding yet where the bride wore trousers. (Although I heard about one once!) Choose something that will be comfortable to sit in (no skirt riding up) and made from a travel-friendly fabric like silk, jersey, cotton or even a light knit. Seersucker is also a great travel choice, because it breathes and the puckered fabric tends to hide wrinkles. Footwear choices: a comfy yet stylish ballerina flat (for trekking through the miles of airport terminals) or a low-heeled sandal or espadrille.