Friday, June 15, 2007

Stylish Summer Job

Hi She She! This summer I will be working at a camp for preschoolers. I know that most camp counselors wear big T-Shirts and shorts all the time and I would like to dress a little more stylishly possibly with a fun twist. Clothes that are washable and not too revealing yet not too covered up would be ideal. Any advice? Also, if you could recommend a bag that would fit my bathing suit, towel, lunch, etc would be great! Thanks!

What a fun summer job! And I totally agree with you, just because you are hanging with the little peeps this summer doesn't mean you have to dress like one! While shorts are always a good choice for summer camp, make sure they provide proper coverage (not too short, not too low) and allow good movement. You can opt for a sporty chic look with a pair of bermudas, a girly knit top and comfy sporty flats.

Another great look would be a pair of trim capris or crops and a feminine blouse in a breathable cool cotton. Keep your footwear simple, comfortable (you will most likely be chasing and being chased by little ones a great deal of the time) and also waterproof!

As far as tote bags go, I love this canvas bag because it has a center divider inside as well as many pockets so it is easy to keep organized. It is also very roomy, and can be tossed into the washing machine as needs be.

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Pink Ink said...

I too have worked at a camp with pre-schoolers, and being stylish is...well it's not the environment for such. I would highly recommend hitting the thrift stores for your wardrobe, as opposed to purchasing new items. If you simply must have new, then Target is your one-stop shop (almost...they don't sell the shoes I would recommend). Keds makes this line called Grasshoppers that has some slip on canvas shoes...definitely get those. They are padded and comfort your feet when standing up, carrying kids, etc. Flip flops...if you are in an area where there is sand (beach and/or sandbox) they become a nuisance to walk in, and chase kids in. You want the ease of taking off your shoes, but something that's sturdier so that if and when Billy drops his dump truck on your foot, your toes are semi-protected.