Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fabulous Attire for a Bridal Shower

Dear She She~
I'm hosting a bridal shower for my very best friend on the last weekend of August and have yet to find the perfect ensemble. The shower is an afternoon affair with lots of standing and mingling and a little bit of sitting. As the hostess, I want to be comfortable and classic, with room to move in case the hors d'oeuvres need restocking or if someone spills their white wine. Also, the event is indoors but taking place in Tennessee, so the weather will be hot! Any suggestions? Thanks! ~Liz

As everyone knows, I adore any reason to get all girlied up, and a bridal shower is the most perfect reason of all! What better time to celebrate our innate girl-ness? I would, therefore, suggest a great dress; one that you can stand, sit, mix and mingle in, all while appearing completely cool, calm and collected.

A feminine sundress would be a great choice, since the weather is still very warm and humid in most places, and you can easily toss a light sweater or jacket over your shoulders should the A/C get cranked a bit too high. I would go with something in a classic style, with perhaps a little flare to the skirt to allow for ease of movement, or even a great jersey knit. Since you will most likely be doing a great deal of standing up and sitting down, choose a dress that ends just below the knee (wouldn't want to flash your Hanky Pankies at Auntie Meryl!) Finish the ensemble with a pair of wedge heels or low peeptoes.

I also adore the chic wrap dress - very figure flattering and easy to move in. A faux wrap or one with a criss-cross front is a great option because you won't run the risk of flashing a bit too much leg while stooping to pick up gifts to pass to the bride-to-be.

Another option would be a great A-line skirt with a little stretch and a feminine blouse. Stick with silk or cotton if the weather is still hot and sticky. Forego the hosiery and give your legs a nice glow with a great moisturizing self tanner. A pair of chic metallic flats or low heeled slingbacks is the perfect finishing touch.

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Nicole said...

I think a little dress that is really feminine is perfect for the occasion. Remembering you're body type when looking for the perfect dress helps.