Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stylish Starter Maternity Wear

Dear She She,
You were so helpful to me a few months ago when I had to travel north for a winter wedding! I need your advice again. I'm prego now and just starting to show. I'm still too small for maternity wear but my usual work attire, fitted sweaters or tucked-in button-downs aren't fitting so well these days! Any advice or suggestions on what to wear at this in-between stage would be most appreciated. This is our first baby, so I'm a little lost about my fashion options. I know you and Pretty Mama can help! Thanks much, Tex

Dearest Girl, this is a most exciting time in your life, and one that must be celebrated in style, which is exactly what you are going to do! No need to head straight to the tent section of the maternity shoppes just yet. Isn't is fabulous that the empire style top and/or dress is so in vogue right now? Absolute perfection for you!

As for trousers, the maternity "in" crowd swears by the Bella Band, the first maternity accessory that allows you to wear your non-pregnant girl clothes a little longer, fun maternity outfits a little sooner, and hold up any belly style that falls down around your hips. Perfect at any stage—for the newly pregnant, the definitely pregnant, the so very pregnant, and the recovering belly babes that you are. There is even a lace-trimmed Bella Band, which looks like a lacy cami when worn under tops and sweaters. These oh-so-clever bands will allow you to wear your regular trousers and skirts far into your pregnancy! You can then pair said trousers and skirts with the oodles of flattering empire style tops that are so chic this season. Tunic style tops, which are also very popular now, are also a great option.

Pretty Mama also swears by low-rise jeans, especially those with a little stretch as they are so much more comfortable than jeans or trousers with a belly panel. Also, Pretty Mama says to go ahead and flaunt that baby bump! Don't be afraid to wear tees, sweaters and knits that show off your new figure - the days of hiding your condition under big baggy tops and dresses are over forever!

I know you are going to be one stylin' mama! Best of luck darling girl!

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