Friday, September 14, 2007

The Perfect Coat, Anywhere, Any-weather!

Hi Shes!
LOVE, love, love your site. Thanks for keeping a twirty-something mamma of three from wearing mom-jeans and athletic shoes! My question is this: I live in coastal North Carolina, and although most of the year it is very temperate, it occasionally dips into "coldishness." Naturally, I need a fabulous coat to accommodate these moments. It cannot be too heavy, or it's useless. Would be open to a variety of styles/lengths/fabrics. Any suggestions? Any upcoming sheshes devoted to outerwear???? Devotedly, Angela

Darling Girl, when it comes to fabulous outerwear I have just one thing to say...trench coat! A classic trench coat is the perfect go-to outerwear item because it never goes out of style (honestly!) Remember Ingrid Bergman in Casa Blanca? Gorgeous trench coat. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's? Another fabu trench coat. Chic, stylish, sophisticated...a trench will do the trick every time.

And lucky for the stylish fashionista, there are oodles of gorgeous trench coats out there to choose from! From the classic khaki trench, to one with a more military style, to fun floral prints and polkadots. Another fabulous thing about trench coats is not only do they come in a splendid choice of styles, they are also very affordable.

My favorite classic trench is from Banana Republic. Great fit, great price, timeless style. I also love this twill trench for its edgy style. Love the foldover collar and the funky lime green lining!

You can also go designer with this classic trench from Juicy Couture. The quilted lining adds warmth without being too bulky or too hot. This gorgeous trench by Robert Rodriguez is a little more expensive, but is a great investment because you will get years of wear out of it.
For dressier occasions, go with something a little flirtier, like this grey swing style trench. Or even a fun taffeta or silk trench. The possibilities are endless!

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Georgia said...

Trench coats rock! There are so many to choose from and they run the gamut as far as price goes. I like the ones at Banana Republic because they have them every year and they are and always will be classic.

Another good choice is a peacoat. They are usually easy to find and are a classic style