Sunday, March 30, 2008

Engagement Party Style

Dear She She,
One of my best friends is getting married next January, but her Maid of Honor is throwing her an engagement party in April. I am in the wedding and I know we will be taking pictures so I would like to look nice. It's an outside engagement party, in April, in the south. What should I wear?

What fun! Don't you just adore parties? Especially any party having to do with a wedding or engagement! It is the perfect excuse to don your finest finery, your sassiest skyscrapers and your most adorable accessories. Personally, I wouldn't consider wearing anything other than an absolutely darling dress. Now, since it is early spring, and is NOT the actual wedding, you would be perfectly safe in wearing a LWD (little white dress) which is all the rage this season, having replaced the ubiquitous little black dress (albeit temporarily). So many adorable choices, from a sleek sheath dress to something a little more girly. You can add a pop of color in your choice of footwear and handbag. A pair of chic slingbacks would go well with the sheath, while a pair of platform peeptoes would add the perfect finishing touch to a fluttery gown.

If white is just not for you, go with one of the season's dresses in a vibrant shade or gorgeous floral pattern. Add a pair of sassy skyscrapers and finish with a darling handbag.

Since weather in the south is so unpredictable in the spring, be sure to take along a great spring coat. One of the hottest trends this spring is a trench coat made of a dressy fabric - chic enough to wear on dressier occasions, but lightweight enough for spring.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Win a Gorgeous Original Matted Photo Print!

Dearest Girls! You have got to check out this fabulous photography blog from one of our very own She She girls! Kelli Nicole is a gorgeous twenty-something artistic genius who has been travelling the world and making her mark with her fabulous photography. Right now, through March 27th, you can enter a contest on her art blog to win a beautiful matted photograph!

Each person who comments on her blog in the next 7 days (deadline is March 27, 7:11 pm Utah time) will automatically get entered into the contest. You will be entered for each comment you make, one per blog post starting with the 'Mampong Babies'. The prize is one matted photograph of your choice up to an 11x14 or 12x12. One person will be randomly selected at the end of the week.

These photos are absolutely breathtaking! Her eye for composition is spot on - you feel as if you are actually there. The images of the Mampong Babies are particularly moving.
Check our her website at
Click here to enter the contest.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Skin Like Butter

Hi there Girly Girls!

If you are like me, the winter weather has really taken its toll on your normally gorgeous skin. What was once soft, smooth and luminous now resembles a dry creek bed. Well, help is at hand darling girls! Check out the fabulous skin care products at Skin Like Butter. The products are all natural, free of artificial dyes, harsh preservatives, and parabens. Instead, they use wild crafted shea oil, shea butter, herbs, tea, vitamins and more. They also use high quality essential and fragrance oils.

I adore their Shea Oil Lotion (Fresh Laundry is my fave!), which is so thick and rich, yet melts into your skin leaving it soft and supple. You can even order samples of the different fragrances!
The Shea Oil Shower Cream contains a little bit shea oil lotion, along with white tea, shea butter, vitamins, aloe vera, and more. It is the best thing to use with the shea oil because there will be layers of moisture and fragrance. Your skin feels so moist and supple after your shower. Check out all of the fantastic skin care products at Skin Like Butter.
And especially for She She Girls, you can get 10% off your order with the code "SheSheMe" at checkout!

Wardrobe for the Mature College Student

Hi She She-
I am in my late thirties (almost the big 40) and I went back to school. I need help dressing my age while I sit in classes with twenty-somethings. I work in a business casual atmosphere and still need to be comfortable to walk around campus while winter hangs on and on and on...
Thanks for your help! Beth

First of all, Beth, you are one amazing woman to tackle college at 39 and my tres chic hat is off to you! You will definitely have one-up on the twenty-somethings on campus, because you are able to add sensibility, maturity and life experience to the game, so full speed ahead!

As far as fashion goes, DO NOT try to blend in. As mentioned, you are a mature and savvy woman now, not a denim-and-sweatshirt girl, so take the lead on the fashion front. You should be dressing more like a college professor and not a college student (even though you are!) I would opt for casual style trousers (not too casual - no cargo pants), a fitted blouse and a chic jacket. Stay more on the edgy, funky side of fashion, however, and avoid the frump zone. Shoes with a wedge heel are stylish and comfy, allowing for all that tramping around campus without looking too "sophomore".

Another great look would be trouser-style denim (dressy-casual without being too mumsy), paired with a blouse and v-neck sweater or vest. The look is casual, but not too, and sophisticated at the same time. Keep the denim wash dark. You could also pair the jeans with a great sweater and a chic trench coat. Finish with low-heeled or flat boots.

Looks to stay away from: sneakers, distressed denim, sweats, fleece jackets, flip-flops. Those items all scream COLLEGE FRESHMAN! Think sleek and sophisticated with just a bit of edge. And when you finally walk across that platform in your cap and gown, wear the most gorgeous pair of skyscrapers you can find!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spectacular Skin Care for Imperfect Skin

Darling Girls!

Recently I have had many of my friends and associates ask me how I keep my twirty-something skin looking so clean, clear and glowing, so I thought I would share with you one of my little secrets. First of all, I have sensitive skin and a tendency toward breakouts, especially when I am under stress (and let me tell you there is nothing more stressful to a girl than blemishes and wrinkles! At the same time! Soooooo unfair!) Well, first of all I have been using Vichy Detoxifying Rinse-off Foam Cleanser each evening to remove makeup and get my skin absolutely perfectly clean. It detoxifies and cleanses skin of all impurities, without drying it out. Next, I have been using Vichy Laboratories Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care for the last several weeks, and the difference in my skin is absolutely amazing! First of all, it tightens pores, helps reduce oiliness and improves skin clarity. Imperfections are reduced, pore size is visibly reduced, and the skin’s surface is smooth and even. That's a pretty tall order for one little tube, but it honestly delivers!

For the first time in years I don't have to wear foundation to even out my skin's blotchiness - because it is no longer blotchy and uneven! My skin looks smoother, it looks healthy, and personally, I think it looks younger to boot! Vichy - the best thing I have done for my face in years!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Très Chic Trouser Jeans

Hi She She! I'm in search of a great pair of trouser jeans - dressy enough for Casual Fridays at work, but sophisticated enough for a night out on the town. Any ideas where I can find some for the plus-size girl? I know that good jeans are a staple of any She She wardrobe so I want to make sure mine are chic! Thanks so much - you rock! Liz

Dearest Liz,

The best thing about trouser jeans is that there are so many to choose from now! It used to be that there were a couple of styles, and they were scary and looked like mom-jeans (you know the kind - high waisted, pleated (yikes!), and hiked up under the armpits). First rule of trouser jeans - NO PLEATS!!! They only serve to add four or five inches to one's midsection...NOT a good look for any girl. This is especially apt when shopping for plus-size fashions.

Check out Old Navy online - they have several different styles of trouser jeans. Stick with the darker washes for a slimming effect. The Diva Low-Rise Wide-Leg Trouser jeans are a great choice. Also, I really like the look of the Mariner Low-Rise jeans. They have styles in straight leg, wide leg, bootcut, even colored jeans! So many great choices. For an updated trouser jean look for spring and summer, try the Flirt classic-rise wide leg chambray jeans. Lighter-weight fabric, sits just below the waist with a wider waistband.
Another great trouser jean is Svboda 'Kate' Stretch Denim Trouser Jeans. The ultra dark wash is very flatttering, as is the dropped yoke waist and back welt pockets. Stick with welt pockets or the button-loop welt pockets - the style is much dressier and also more flattering.

Be Wedgie-Free!

Dearest Girls!

I am about to admit to a very embarrassing incident that occurred over the weekend. The only reason I am fessing up to this is to save you from the same embarrassment, which is indeed traumatizing and one that I would wish on no girl (well, maybe just AmberLee - my high school nemesis and all-around mean girl). But I digress...

Anyhoo, I was shopping (natch - I do it every weekend!) for fabu footwear and lovely new spring fashions. While trying on shoes at my favorite little boutique I found myself sitting down to try on shoes, then standing up to walk around and see how they felt (and admire them in the full length mirror, of course!), then sitting down again to try on more shoes. All that sitting down and standing up had a somewhat detrimental effect on my, um, panties and I ended up with a wedgie (yikes!). I tried to dislodge said wedgie with nonchalant discretion and a few (ineffective) wiggles of the derrière, and after much shuffling about I very casually walked to the back of the shop, bent down as if to examine the handbags on a low shelf and as I stood up I quickly snapped my panties back into their upright and locked position. As I nimbly and quickly turned around I walked right smack into a sales clerk, arms loaded with merchandise, and shoes and boxes went flying. Apologizing profusely I stooped to help her gather up the spilled goodies. She smiled, thanked me, paused for a moment then looked at me knowingly and said, "You know, I have a solution to your little, um, problem." As my face colored to a deep shade of crimson she laughed softly and said, "Believe me, I have been there too! But I discovered Hanes No Ride-Up panties and I am completely wedgie free!"

Girls, you have got to check these out! In fact, you have got to check out the hilarious video of Sarah Chalke (Elliot from Scrubs) and her "wedgie dance"! It will bring tears of laughter (and commiseration!) to your eyes. Anyhoo, I snapped up several pair of these wonderful wedgie-free panties and I adore them! I'm a girl who likes a little coverage (thongs scare me) in the derrière-area so the bikinis and high-cuts are perfection indeed. 100% breathable cotton, extremely flattering and they won't ride-up! Give them a try and you, too, will be wedgie-free!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Vegas Vacation!

Dear She She,
I am a fifty year old "young" woman taking my first trip to Las Vegas in March. What should I pack for the day and nite life? I want to take the necessary!~ Thank you!

What fun! Vegas is always a blast and the shopping is fabulous - outlets galore!!! The weather in Vegas this time of year is fairly mild, and can get a bit windy too, so don't assume it will be all fun in the sun. For day wear, a chic skirt and feminine top is a great way to go. It is casual enough to be comfortable, yet dressy enough to take you to a matinee! Another great option is a pair of navy trousers or dark wash jeans and a chic top with a nautical flair. Pair with espadrilles or comfy wedges for walking around. Be sure to take along a light sweater or jacket because it can get a bit brisk in the early evenings. A roomy tote or satchel is perfect for hauling those little extras that you will need - water bottle, glossy mags, sweater, etc.)
While you will definitely find a wide variety of fashions in the casinos and evening shows (including the dreaded socks-with-sandals and fanny-pack), this is your chance to pull out all the stops. I would go with a gorgeous cocktail gown and metallic strappy sandals. Or perhaps even a gown in a beaded or metallic fabric and a gorgeous pair of patent peeptoe slingbacks.

If you have great arms, go with a sexy halter-style dress. The halter-style is very flattering, as long as it is not too plunging (then you just look like you are trying too hard). It also has the added benefit of providing a little more coverage around the side of the bustline and on under the armpit, and can hide some of those gravity-induced sags and bulges that begin to appear as you age. If you are well-endowed, be sure there is adequate fabric in the bodice to ensure that you aren't bursting out all over. A strategically placed brooch or pin can help keep the neckline together if it tends to be too plunging or too bare. Also, the bling factor is quite prevalent in Vegas so go with the flow! And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (if you're lucky!)

Footwear is one area you can really play up in Vegas. Metallics, shoes with embellishment and bada bling, patent leather and animal prints - anything goes baby! Just make sure you can walk comfortably! Also, choose a handbag with a little attitude, but preferably one with a shoulder strap or chain strap so you can keep it close.