Monday, March 10, 2008

Très Chic Trouser Jeans

Hi She She! I'm in search of a great pair of trouser jeans - dressy enough for Casual Fridays at work, but sophisticated enough for a night out on the town. Any ideas where I can find some for the plus-size girl? I know that good jeans are a staple of any She She wardrobe so I want to make sure mine are chic! Thanks so much - you rock! Liz

Dearest Liz,

The best thing about trouser jeans is that there are so many to choose from now! It used to be that there were a couple of styles, and they were scary and looked like mom-jeans (you know the kind - high waisted, pleated (yikes!), and hiked up under the armpits). First rule of trouser jeans - NO PLEATS!!! They only serve to add four or five inches to one's midsection...NOT a good look for any girl. This is especially apt when shopping for plus-size fashions.

Check out Old Navy online - they have several different styles of trouser jeans. Stick with the darker washes for a slimming effect. The Diva Low-Rise Wide-Leg Trouser jeans are a great choice. Also, I really like the look of the Mariner Low-Rise jeans. They have styles in straight leg, wide leg, bootcut, even colored jeans! So many great choices. For an updated trouser jean look for spring and summer, try the Flirt classic-rise wide leg chambray jeans. Lighter-weight fabric, sits just below the waist with a wider waistband.
Another great trouser jean is Svboda 'Kate' Stretch Denim Trouser Jeans. The ultra dark wash is very flatttering, as is the dropped yoke waist and back welt pockets. Stick with welt pockets or the button-loop welt pockets - the style is much dressier and also more flattering.

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Kristy said...

great picks, these trousers really flatter a sexy woman's body type.