Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

Hi SheShe! I am going to a wedding in March and am not sure what to wear. The wedding is at 2:30, so it will definitely be casual. Dressing in March is difficult due to the weather...it's not quite warm enough in early March. I don't like showing my legs (due to some scars) so wearing tights would make me more comfortable, but are tights appropriate to wear in March? I really have no idea what to wear to this wedding. Any suggestions would be well appreciated! Thanks so much.

Hi Darling! I just adore weddings - as I adore any excuse to get all girlied up, but Spring weddings can be particularly challenging due to the weather. You never quite know if it will be drizzling rain or glorious sunshine. Also, even though the wedding is at 2:30 in the afternoon, don't be too casual - it is still a wedding after all. An afternoon wedding is still a dressy occasion, just not black-tie dressy.

It is perfectly appropriate to wear tights in March - but I would stay away from anything too dark. In fact, there are many really great patterned tights and sparkly tights that would work great with a shorter dressy dress.

The suggestion I have, however, is to go with one of Spring's hotter-than-hot long dresses. Choose something in a light fabric with a springtime feel to it, and dress it up with chic sweater or dressy jacket.

Finish with a pair of great heeled gladiator sandals and a gorgeous little handbag.

Another option is a dressy jumpsuit, topped with a sweater or blazer. Jumpsuits tend to be dressier than a basic trouser suit, and therefore perfectly appropriate for an afternoon wedding.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

How to Style a Neutral Leather Bag

Hello She She!

Hope this email finds you well! Was wondering if you had any suggestions! I have a gorgeous cream/nude grunge bag (leather and meduim sized) - the bag isn't a famous brand so I can't find any online pictures of it, but I'm really fond of it and not too sure how to wear it. Any suggestions? Thanks! T.K.

Dearest T.K. I've taken the liberty of scouting around online to find a few bags that fit your description. Nude leather grunge style sound like an unstructured hobo or drawstring bag most likely. This is a very casual, relaxed type of handbag that will become more "broken-in" and distressed with use, which makes it ideal for use as a weekend bag or for casual outings.

This bag would look fantastic with a pair of this season's super-hot distressed denim. Layer it up with a skinny tee topped by a great sweater and a classic peacoat or jacket. Finish with stacked heel boots or chunky platforms - but don't go neutral on the boots or footwear - go with something more colorful or perhaps something in an exotic-look skin. Mix it up a bit; the old match-the-shoes-to-the-handbag maxim went out with the Bush administration (the FIRST Bush administration).

Another great look to complement this handbag would be this spring's prairie/boho style trend. Start with a lightweight cotton dress in a delicate floral pattern - kind of a calico look. Add a gorgeous sweater and cinch at the waist with a skinny leather belt or even a chain belt. Finish with platform wide-strap sandals or even ankle boots or shooties. Tights are optional, depending on the weather, but they can add a little sass as well as warmth to the ensemble. Fun chunky jewelry will complete the look - and your handbag will fit in perfectly!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Valentines Gifts for the Kiddies

Dear She She,

I have twin toddlers, Remy and Cruz, who are just beginning to understand about celebrating holidays. I want to make Valentine's Day fun for them, but don't want to go the whole chocolate/candy route. Any ideas for a Valentine's gift that is practical and fun? xoxo, Sassy Mama

Dearest Sassy Mama,

You have definitely come to the right place! I have the perfect gift for your toddlers, one that is not only stylish and practical, but a lot of fun to wear while splashing in puddles! These adorable rainboots from Kamik are the ideal spring footwear for your little ones. AND you can snap up a pair for yourself as well. Looks adorable for the mommy-and-me fashionista.

Not only are these adorable and practical, but they have the added bonus of being 100% recyclable and made in a green factory. And, they are a celeb favorite to boot! Over the past few years, this small MontrĂ©al based company has made a huge splash in Hollywood, and Kamik has donned the feet of everyone from Madonna’s daughter Lourdes to Liv Tyler, Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh and Kerri Russell, Courtney Cox, Kelly Ripa, Molly Shannon, Brook Shields, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Ann Curry, and many more.