Thursday, April 30, 2009

Get Gorgeous Gams! Reebok EasyTone Contest

Hello there gorgeous girls!
I am well on my way to winning in my quest for beautifully-toned beach-worthy gams! I have a not-so-secret weapon in my fitness arsenal - my new Reebok EasyTone sneakers. These stylish sneaks use core ball technology to shift air back and forth within the shoe each time you step, creating a natural instability and giving your glute, calf and hamstring muscles more of a leg-toning workout as you walk. Get a great toning workout without ever going to the gym - my kind of fitness experience!

Anyhoo, I started wearing my new Reebok EasyTone sneakers a few weeks ago and have been wearing them faithfully in my after-work and weekend leisure activities. The first time I put them on and went down the block to get my mail I could tell that they just felt different than other sneakers - more cushiony, especially in the ball of the foot area. The "natural instability" touted in the literature was not so intense as to be uncomfortable, but was definitely there. After walking briskly to the mailbox and back I could feel a definite difference in the way my calf muscles were working - they were engaging in a more intense manner than I would normally notice in a brisk little walk to pick up my mail. Hmmm, satisfactory test-drive.

So I've been wearing these sneakers every chance I get - running errands around the neighborhood, taking my dog Zak for walks in the evening and on weekends, and I've even worn them to walk to work a couple of times! (Hey, they are stylish enough to wear without looking like a total geek.) I can really feel the difference in my calves and my derrière, and am hoping that continued use will result in more discernable visible differences as well! I love it that I am getting a double-whammy workout!

What to get in on the fun? I'd like you to comment on this post with your most creative/unique/fun way to work out without hitting the gym (keep it G-rated girls!) One winner will be chosen to receive a free pair of EasyTone sneakers for "working out outside the gym"! Post away darlings!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Engagement Party Attire

Dear She She,

I recently got an invitation to an engagement party that listed "fabulous attire" as the dress code. What does this mean?

Dearest Girl,

This is obviously a very festive and exciting occasion, and your hosts wish for you to share in their excitement and joy, thus the request for fabulous attire. This is definitely the occasion for a gorgeous cocktail dress, preferably one that hits just above the knee or at the knee, but not to the floor (save that for the black-tie affairs). Stay away from anything white - that is the bride's prerogative from the minute that engagement ring slides onto her finger until the last handful of rice has been thrown. Cream, ecru or a creamy gold are great spring choices. Also, since wearing black is no longer seen as disrespectful, or "mourning" attire, a really great LBD would be perfectly appropriate.

This season there are so many gorgeous gowns in fabulous colors and fabrics, I would opt for something cheerful and festive. It's OK to show a little skin, just not too much! Think more along the lines of elegant and sophisticated, not cheap and skanky. Perhaps an elegant halter-neck gown with a full skirt for dancing. Or a classicly simple sheath.

As for footwear, I would go with sexy skyscrapers. Nothing makes a girl feel more feminine and alluring than a great pair of heels. If there is going to be dancing, I would opt for a shoe with a little more substantial heel (perhaps even an elegant wedge), or a mid-heel stiletto. Finish with a great little handbag, and a perhaps a sleek bangle at the wrist and a bit of bling at the lobes.

Have a fabulous time darling!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

How to Update Your Classic Little Black Dress

Hi She She! I have a rehearsal dinner to attend in a few weeks, and plan to wear my trusty Little Black Dress. The problem is that I've worn it over and over again (and I can't afford to buy a new dress right now). Do you have any suggestions for how to make it look current and "new" with shoes or accessories? Thanks! Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth!

There is nothing more important in a girl's wardrobe than her trusty LBD - that's why we all have one (or two!) And yes, they do tend to get lots and lots of airings and debuts, but there is nothing wrong with that! I have a tendency to wear my favorite LBD (which I have had for three years now) whenever I need a little boost of confidence because it is a classic sleeveless sheath, fits me like a glove and makes me look ten pounds skinnier! Here are a few of the tricks that I use to get a little more mileage out of it:

A gorgeous wrap or scarf. I would opt for something in a vibrant floral motif or pattern. This will definitely add some flavor to your BLD. Personally, I like a shawl or wrap type scarf - something a little larger than the normal knot-at-the-neck scarf. It can double as a wrap if you are outdoors or when the temps drop.

Never underestimate the power of a statement necklace. Something bold and unique, perhaps ethnic in style. There are so many great costume pieces out there this season - no need to incur debt! Add a bold bracelet or stacked bangles as well.

As for footwear, this is a great time to ditch the black pumps and go for something with a little pizzazz. This is the rehearsal dinner, so you may be on your feet a bit, so watch the heel height. Stick with midheel, or a platform or wedge. Personally, I love wedge heels because you get the height, but they are a little more stable to walk and stand in, therefore you can last for hours and hours!

Finish with a fun little handbag or clutch - something with a little sparkle and shine perhaps?

Have fun darling!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fresh Spring Style

Spring is all about a fresh new start. I would just love to be able to run out and buy an entirely new wardrobe each and every season, and while I am physically capable of such a feat (I am a dedicated shopper after all!) it just wouldn't be fiscally responsible for me to do so at this time. And I know I'm not the only fashionista/recessionista in this position. But never fear darlings - She She Me has a secret source to share with you! Stein Mart, with over 280 locations across the United States, offers the best of the fashion world at up to 60% off department store prices.

A great way to give new life to your wardrobe is to accessorize wisely. Here are a few styling tips for getting added mileage out of your current wardrobe:

  • Add a colorful floral scarf, a chunky metallic bangle and a pair of sassy espadrilles to your basic khaki trousers and white shirt and you have an entirely new (and chic!) ensemble for the weekend.
  • Every fashionista worth her salt knows that a great designer handbag will add pizzazz to any outfit. With fabulous brands like Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture and more you are sure to find the perfect handbag to complement any ensemble.
  • A bold statement necklace will perk up your basic little black (or white!) dress.
  • A colorful floaty blouse will add the perfect feminine touch to your classic denim skirt.

Head to your nearest Stein Mart to check out the fabulous selection and even more fabulous savings on everything you need for spring! Go to to find a location near you!

Styling for Spring/Summer 09

Spring is in the air darlings! And with the warmer weather comes the much anticipated, and often dreaded, introduction of more figure revealing clothing trends. But never fear darlings! If you are still working at ditching those last few pesky pounds that somehow crept on during the winter weary months, you still have several weeks to go before you have to truly be bikini-ready.
With that in mind, let's take a minute to check out what fashionistas everywhere are touting as the hottest trends for Spring/Summer '09:

Ladylike floral's get a modern boost from trendy sheers, layers and exquisite accents. Start small and sweet with a sweetly feminine halter top, gorgeous crisp white denim or twill trousers and a pair of delicious platform sandals. Finish the ensemble with a stack of silver bangles, flirty dangle earrings and a chic handbag.
Or embrace your inner garden goddess with a luscious floral sundress that skims over your figure with silken perfection. Keep it simple with a pair of gorgeous heels and add just a touch of insouciance with an edgy leather handbag.

Sporty Chic
Think refined with just a touch of sass. Take a classic look, like the timeless nautical style, and give it your own personality with bold accessories: studded leather handbag, flat fringed sandals bold bangles.

A denim pencil skirt is sporty in and of itself, positively shouting spring, but pair it with a silky tie-top and a scoop necked pleated cardigan and you have an entirely new chic ensemble. Finish with strappy feminine sandals in a metallic hue and a sassy satchel. Accessorize with bold beads or a unique cuff and you are good to go!

Worldly Wise
Taking inspiration from the four corners of the globe: the silks and beading of India. The Ikat prints of Southeast Asia. Designs reminiscent of the African deserts and plains. Even the boho chic styles of San Francisco and fringing inspired by the wild wild west. Embrace the styles of the world traveler.

Start with a pair of crisp bermuda shorts or cropped khaki trousers. Add a skinny tank or tee and a lightweight floaty top. Finish with a cropped trench, funky sandals and a chic messenger bag. Grab your passport because you are ready to travel!

Black on White Print
The little black dress just got a big boost: Black stripes/floral's/graphics on a white background make a fresh, visual statement.

A classic black pencil skirt is the perfect foil for a chic black-on-white floral blouse. Accessorize wisely with bold metallic pieces in silver, gold or platinum. And just to mix things up a bit (nobody likes to be predictable!) add a pop of color with a chic wedge heel or patent peep toe. Finish with a supple leather bag.

Glamour Girl
Take inspiration from America's top style icons: Kathryn Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn…one thing these women all had in common was timeless style. Whether it be the sleeveless shift dresses à la Audrey or the wide leg trousers favored by Kate, or Jackie's signature sunglasses, the fashion was simple, sleek and sophisticated.
To emulate this, remember exactly that: simple, sleek, sophisticated. Then add your own personal style. Start with an updated sheath dress that skims lightly over your figure. (The little black dress is a prime example.) Simple accessories — perhaps one gorgeous bracelet. Finish the ensemble with a pair of open-toe pumps or sandals and a sleek clutch bag. Très chic!