Saturday, May 23, 2009

Accessorizing a Khaki Safari Dress

Hi She She,

I love your blog. You've inspired me to care more about what I wear and take the time to put together nice outfits. Last year I bought a nice khaki safari shirt dress, but I've only worn it once because I just can't figure out how to wear it. Like what shoes and accessories to pair it up with, so it doesn't look so dull? I appreciate your thoughts in advance.


Hi Ginny!
Gorgeous dress by the way - good choice! The best thing about khaki is that is so very easy to work with. You are right, however, is realizing that unless it is accessorized well it does have a tendency to be a bit drab.

Therefore, let's get cracking on styling this gorgeous little number. Interestingly, I happen to own a dress very similar to this one, so I am going to tell you what I did to take my safari dress from dull to dynamite.

First of all, I ditched the belt that came with the dress because it was so plain an utilitarian and made the dress look too much like a trench coat. I replaced it with a great wide leather belt with a bold (and fun) buckle.

Next, add a pair of killer skyscrapers. This will definitely up your style cred, especially if you go with a sleek patent leather with metallic buckles and trim. Add a pop of color with a great deconstructed bag, like a hobo or a slouch bag.

Finish with a statement necklace and a bold bangle or great menswear style watch and you are good to go!

Another great look for this particular dress is to give it a bit of a nautical flair.
Start with a pair of canvas wedge espadrilles, then add a woven or braided belt, or even a colorful scarf used as a belt. Finish with an eco-friendly woven raffia or straw tote, a pendant necklace and a simple bracelet.

Have fun with your style!

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deepikaur said...

Definitely digging the bold look this outfit will throw out!