Monday, May 18, 2009

Styling Jeweled Sandals

Hi She She!
Love your blog and newsletters. I'm wondering about some shoes I've had on "my list" that are finally available in my size...I think I got the recommendation from you, and I wondered if there's any way to find out with what you had said to wear them! I think they are fabulous, but am not good at styling (at all!) Thanks in advance for any ideas you have time to give. Amanda A.

Hi Amanda!

Don't you just love it when you can finally check off those lovely little items on your list! I adore these jeweled sandals. They are perfect for so many of this summer's great trends! The sandals have a tiny heel, so they are very comfortable and can be worn for hours on your casual summer jaunts; and, because they are embellished they can be worn with dressier attire as well!

These sandals would be fabulous with a bohemian style sundress. I would opt for something flirty and flouncy, perhaps a mid-calf or even a patio-dress floor length.

You can also pair the sandals with a great casual pencil skirt. The embellishment on the sandals offsets the structure of the pencil skirt. Add a silky blouse, a big bold wooden bangle and you are good to go!

As for trousers, I would opt for cropped styles or capris, and add a chic top. You could also wear them with a great pair of dressy shorts and a summery blouse. These sandals are so very versatile! You are going to definitely get your money's worth darling!

Happy summer styles!

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