Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Ideal Gift

Hi Darling Girls!

When it comes to giving (and receiving) gifts it has often been said that it's really the thought that counts. And that is particularly true when you know that a great deal of thought has gone into a particular gift. I mean, honestly, how much thought goes into a generic gift card? Or a bouquet of flowers from the bucket in front of the gas station? Not much.

So where do you go for truly unique gifts? Head to for fresh, fun and truly amazing jewelry and gifts.

I absolutely adore the Betty Collection. This whimsical interpretation of the classic bow is an ode to rocking femininity. This trendy and chic collection of Tous is made of burnished sterling silver with an XL link chain. In a word: gorgeous!

For the girl who is a little more bohemian, the Ova Collection is ideal. Spectacular opaque ivory Murano crystal set in sterling silver creates a nude effect, which looks stunning and is extremely flattering to all skin tones and complexions. I particularly love the juxtaposition of the different sizes of stones, all set into one necklace or bracelet in perfect balance.

Show your appreciation for nature with one of the truly unique and beautiful pieces from the Wood collection. Each piece is made from faceted and highly burnished walnut wood and set in 18kt yellow gold. This carved cuff is a particular favorite of mine because of the richness of the wood grain and the whimsical Tous bear emblem engraved into the cuff.

The capricious charm of the Glacee Collection, with its floral and butterfly motifs shape this delightful medley of pieces made from burnished sterling silver. I just love this adorable floral bracelet, which would add the perfect touch to either a summer sundress or even jeans and a tee! It is the perfect accessory for summer.

With the exquisitely beautiful Kylie Minogue as the face of Tous, you can see why I love this fabulous collection has won my heart, and will win yours as well. Go to today and check out the wonderful selection of unique, beautiful and of-the-moment jewelry which you will love and treasure for years to come.

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Roraima said...

Glad to see Tous finally made it to the US. Their purses and accessories have been hot in South America for a while. Unfortunately, they have no store in my area. ;-(