Monday, June 15, 2009

What Would You Do With $300

Isn't that the universal question? This has taken a great deal of thought on my part I must admit. Normally, I would grab the cash and make a mad dash to the nearest shoe source for a stiletto fix. However, with the economy in its current situation (i.e. up-the-creek without a paddle, the boat has sprung a leak, my life vest has fallen overboard and I'm frantically treading water), I feel that this is the time for a girl to take matters into her own nicely manicured hands and show some social/economic responsibility in the aforementioned matter of just what to do with $300.

It's time to get back to basics girls! If three crisp Benjamin's were to miraculously appear in my wallet I know exactly what I would do. I would put together a chic and classic look that would be able to take me anywhere, anytime in complete comfort and style.

I'd begin with a great pair of Levis jeans — nothing is more classic than a pair of Levis. In fact, if you were to poll any celebrity they would say that their go-to pair of jeans is a pair of Levis. Anyhoo, I'd choose a pair of classic Levis denim in a figure friendly cut. My personal fave is the 501 Boyfriend Cut, Patched & Repaired. Boyfriend jeans are all the rage this summer, so I'll be right on trend. I love the relaxed straight leg style because it gives a leg lengthening effect. Total cost: $78.00 (excellent value!)

Next, I'd add a simple white tank —- I love the classic look of a figure-hugging stretchy white tank with slouchy denim. Very retro-chic. And the best part is the affordability! ($8.00) To give the look more of an edge I would finish with a great motorcycle jacket, one of this season's hottest trends ($44.62).

For footwear, I want to go with a sky-high pair of strappy sandals. By that I mean excellent quality leather strappies that will make my legs look long and lovely, as well as give the slouchy jeans an updated girly feel. ($79.72)

In keeping with the whole biker-chic look, add a funky studded bag…like this fabu little number made from actual motorcycle tires! ($49.30) Complete the ensemble with a gorgeous pair of hip earrings. ($25.00)

Well darlings, looks like I have met my goal! A gorgeous ensemble, a little ladylike, a little edgy, a whole-lot fabulous, and at a grand total of $284.64! Oh what the heck, toss in this funky leather key chain to snap onto my biker-bag and I'll never have to look for my keys again! Does this fashionista know how to make the most of her Benji's or what? I just love it when I come in barely under the wire!

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Twisted Tina said...

LOVE the biker chic!!!!!!!!

omo nwabunike said...

Great clothes overall. But the black leather jacket is my favourite. It looks so expensive, but yet it is only going for $44.62! A fantasic bargain if I must say, and also you could wear it with just about anything!

Arnelle [writer from] :)