Sunday, October 04, 2009

Best Fitting Jeans Ever!

Dear She She, I need to buy (desperately) a kickin (read... super sexy, awesome, never want to wear out) pair of jeans. What do you recommend?

Hi there! I have to admit to owning at least 20 pair of designer jeans - but the ones I am always willing to pay money for are Paige Premium jeans. I think these are the best fitting, and definitely most flattering jeans of all. On the Paige Premium website there is actually a Fit Guide page, which really helps steer you toward the best style for your particular shape. My personal faves are the Montecito style, because they fit my "curves".

Also, if you are looking for an all around figure flattering style, the bootcut is perfect. Watch the rise - too low and you end up with muffin top; too high and you end up with "mom jeans". I would stick with a 7.5 inch or 8 inch rise. Paige Premiums don't go super low, which is good because no one wants to look at butt cleavage.

Remember, your footwear is what will determine the "sexy" factor of any pair of jeans. Strappy heels or metallics will ALWAYS bump up the volume. Ankle boots or flat boots will give you an edgier look. Sneakers or flats will make the ensemble casual.

Hope this helps darling!! Happy denim shopping!

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