Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Humid days and balmy nights are a girl’s worst hair nightmare. And fighting frizz with dry ends and stressed tresses is no way to spend the season. In the name of hydration and kink control, try these anti-frizz fighters to achieve perfect hair like a pro with the Goody Pro collection.

Goody Pro Achieve Curls Collection, $2.50 - $7.00

Thermal Hot Round Brush

It’s hot, it’s humid, but shouldn’t your hair still look fabulous? This small-barreled brush with natural and tourmaline-infused bristles creates smooth, enviable curls that you’re sure to love

Goody Pro Achieve Straight Collection, $2.50- $7.00

Vented Paddle Brush

Get straight to the point, but do so effortlessly. A quick route to a smooth, straight style is the Vented Paddle Brush. The tourmaline-infused, ball-tipped bristles help minimize static with your style.

Goody Pro Achieve Volume Collection, $2.50- $7.50

Dual Bristle Oval Round

Limp locks don’t stand a chance against this unique oval shape that provides maximum lift. While ball-tipped nylon bristles on one side of the brush give you height and control, natural boar bristles on the other side deliver control and beautiful shine.

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