Thursday, September 09, 2010

Dannon Activia 14-Day Challenge Update

Hi there girls!

I've just completed Week One of my Dannon Activia 14-Day Challenge, and I have to tell you that I am feeling very good. It was just what I needed to kick-start my commitment to a more healthy lifestyle. I love yogurt and have tried many different brands over the years, so when I decided to take part in the 14-Day Challenge I was sure I would like the taste. I was wrong. I LOVE the taste! So far I have tried every flavor except the prune, because my local grocery store is always out (therefore it must be good!) so that is my quest for this next week - find the prune flavored Activia!

I started feeling less bloated by day four, as well as feeling more energetic. I have been eating my Activia yogurt as a mid-day snack, usually with some fresh berries or crunchy granola mixed in and it is an absolute treat.

Looking forward to Week Two! Join me in the Activia 14-Day Challenge and kick start your healthy lifestyle today!

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