Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Peace Love World Send Positive Style Statement!

Last Sunday on Kate Plus 8 (TLC), the Gosselin kids took on Alaska decked out in hoodies and t-shirts from PEACE LOVE WORLD.

And just lastweek Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason sported PEACE LOVE WORLD as part of his Halloween outfit.

Kids are projecting positive messages with their clothing, and making a stand on the fashion scene. Even the dancers and stars of Dancing with the Stars have been wearing PLW each week during rehearsals!

This fashionably positive brand was created with the intention to spread peace, love and happiness whenever--and wherever—possible through their super soft casual wear with signature themes. PEACE LOVE WORLD has already won the hearts of celebrities Ellen DeGeneres, Angie Harmon, Taylor Swift and the cast of So You Think You Can Dance.

Check out the the gorgeous styles at PEACE LOVE WORLD and send a positive message this holiday season with the gift of a super soft and stylish tee!

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suzanne antique lover said...

A wonderful post.. peace love world is soooo important!